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ModelOps AI will be the pillar of CX in 2021


Suman Reddy, MD, Pegasystems India, on the technology trends that would disrupt the year 2021

“2020 ushered in a tremendous mind shift for business leaders in terms of technology adoption. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation as it became the locus for business operations and other uncertainties. In 2021, we will see enterprises investing in artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, and intelligent automation to further safeguard business resiliency and workforce. As AI becomes more ubiquitous and autonomous, governance and empathy will also play a key role in relation to it. With the proliferation of internet of things (IoT) devices and the increased adoption of 5G fueling this trend, computing power at the edge and the ability to leverage AI at the edge will grow too.

ModelOps will become the “go-to” approach for AI deployment. Much like the way DevOps has given structure to the way applications are deployed, ModelOps will reach a tipping point as a way for mainstream businesses to better develop and operationalize their AI models. Also, new technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality will continue to advance and enhance customer experience.”

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