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Planning key to maximizing value of the cloud deployments


Although most organizations (80%) recognize cloud computing as being vital to their financial security, more than half (57%) have encountered unexpected costs. These findings are according to a study from Aptum, the global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider.

According to the report findings, most IT professionals (80%) see success in utilizing cloud services to unlock greater business profitability. The agility of cloud deployments allows organizations to quickly scale their services to support demand, release new products or services to market, and subsequently improve profit margins and increase efficiencies. In fact, increased efficiency is a common driver behind cloud computing for 72% of respondents. The overall efficiency and flexibility of cloud allows organizations to only pay for what they use, increasing overall profitability, which is cited by 39% of respondents as a motivator behind cloud adoption.

However, as organizations migrate workloads to different cloud platforms, visibility and control into cloud environments becomes difficult to achieve, often leading to unforeseen costs – a key challenge for 81% of respondents. Without necessary insights to evaluate performance and enforce remedial measures for issues, the efficiency of cloud becomes hard to manage. This is the case for over half of respondents (57%) who say cloud has resulted in unanticipated costs, and over a third of respondents (35%) who admit they are wasting IT spend due to the inefficient use of cloud platforms.

Leigh Plumley, Chief Revenue Officer at Aptum, says, “A cloud partner can help organizations harness the power of cloud to deliver greater efficiencies. Partners like Aptum will provide a holistic approach encompassing best-practice architecture, security, resilience and cloud-connectivity. For businesses to understand the true total cost of ownership and deliver maximum value from their cloud investments, it’s essential to consider all these components of cloud architectures.”

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