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Digital platform launched to enable IAS aspirants enhance their essay writing skills


‘ApnaIAS.com’ leverages the power of ML and AI to enable IAS aspirants to practice and significantly improve their essay writing skills and get a higher rank
With a view towards helping IAS aspirants to script their way to become UPSC toppers, Nineleaps, a Bangalore based product engineering company, has launched ‘ApnaIAS.com’, a digital platform that helps the aspirants to practice and improve their essay writing skills, providing them with extensive practice material along with prompt and relevant feedback of the submitted essays.

By practicing with ’ApnaIAS.com’, an aspirant can exponentially improve their writing and obtain skills that can be the deciding factor in their success.

Traditionally, an aspirant works in silos where they read upon and understand various topics, manually search for potential essays to practice with, attempt these essays, and finally, send it to an evaluator either online or offline and get delayed feedback with a time gap of about a week. Additionally, this feedback does not deal with the specifics of what was good or bad and usually remarks on the attempt at a very high-level. It is also apparent that the aspirant is seldom satisfied with it due to a lack of clarity in the areas of improvement.

It was also discovered that a typical UPSC aspirant dedicates most of their time preparing for the optional and general studies papers. By doing so, the time taken to concentrate on the Essay Paper is considerably lower.

‘ApnaIAS.com’ was conceived to facilitate and make this process easier by bringing everything onto a single platform. It strongly believes that if an aspirant devotes time to practice essays, they can drastically make up for the marks that they tend to lose in their general studies papers due to the effort-saturation point.

The product is targeted towards IAS aspirants, providing them with a reliable platform that can guide and assist them in improving and perfecting their aptitude for writing. ‘ApnaIAS.com’, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, focuses on the structure and evaluates the aspirant’s essay submissions on critical parameters and gives instant pointed feedback for improvement. The platform also offers functionalities for aspirants to scan, upload, and analyze their handwritten essays. It uses technology extensively to deliver detailed feedback in under a minute with in-depth actionable insights over 6 areas.

In addition to Essays and all four General Study papers, ‘ApnaIAS.com’ also covers five different optional subjects namely, Public Administration, Sociology, Geography, Anthropology, and History which appear to be favorites among most of the aspirants.

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) Mains Exam, which is conducted every year by the central recruiting agency, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is rescheduled to be conducted in January 2021 and as usual, the IAS aspirants are having anxious moments, more so due to the current Pandemic.

“As an aspirant myself, I have on occasion, struggled to find someone who will give me detailed and pointed feedback other than the traditional “GOOD” or “BAD”. It was not helping me improve but rather added to my anxiety and frustration. ‘ApnaIAS.com’ provides 5 attempts for each essay with the intention of improvement. We believe that the feedback from each attempt will help you improve and see the difference instantly” said Vineet Punnoose, Product Manager, ApnaIAS. “This is the first time that emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is being used to help aspirants who could utilize the advances of modern technology.”

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