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CrowdStrike Enhances Visibility and Automates Analysis into Incident Response Investigations


CrowdStrike has announced the availability of CrowdStrike Falcon Forensics to empower incident response (IR) partners. Through the power of rapid cloud deployment, Falcon Forensics will provide increased visibility and automation, working collaboratively with partners and organizations to handle critical security incidents and conduct forensic triage analysis to investigate cyber breaches.

In today’s modern threat landscape, speed of response is crucial to help businesses get back on track in the wake of an incident. While modern cyber threat actors will target businesses seeking intellectual property (IP), financial data and more, Falcon Forensics was introduced to solve the massive pain points that many modern organizations face when dealing with a cybersecurity breach. Falcon Forensics provides IR partners with the ability to investigate security incidents faster and with granular detail, offering in-depth data analysis through convenient pre-packaged dashboards to help identify adversaries’ past activity in the environment. Through the cloud-native architecture of CrowdStrike Falcon®, Falcon Forensics is deployed remotely and at scale to minimize business interruptions.

“It’s crucial that today’s organizations who experience a security incident are able to respond quickly. Speed is of the utmost importance. The introduction of Falcon Forensics empowers organizations to do just that. The tailored intelligence, deep analysis and automation we provide through leveraging the cloud offers a complete picture to support timely IR investigations. This enables businesses to get back on track faster and mature their security postures, so that they can avoid a breach in the future,” said Thomas Etheridge, vice president of CrowdStrike Services.

Additionally, Falcon Forensics provides the following:

• Deep-level forensic triage data provided for robust analysis around the cybersecurity incident
• Convenient collection of the historical forensic artifacts needed to bring visibility to the full threat context without additional queries
• Easy search and view data capabilities through pre-packaged dashboards
• Empowers partners to search vast amounts of data quickly, helping customers get back to operations faster

“The ability to collect data while performing triage analysis during an incident response is critical. Based on the overview and demonstration CrowdStrike has provided, we look forward to the release of Falcon Forensics to assist incident responders in addressing cyber events,” said Isaac Barker, cyber manager, RSM.

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