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64% of organizations expect to be fully in the public cloud within five years


57% of organizations report more than half of their infrastructure is in the cloud today and 64% expect they will be fully in the public cloud within five years—up from just 5% of respondents today, according to a survey from CloudCheckr, the total visibility cloud management platform.

CloudCheckr, in its annual Cloud Infrastructure Report, found that cloud cost optimization, security and automation remain top concerns for stakeholders, yet strikingly, organizations are not necessarily internally aligned on how well they are doing today. For example, business professionals were nearly three times more likely than IT professionals to describe themselves as ‘very confident’ in their company’s ability to monitor and optimize costs.

“While it’s no surprise to anyone how strong cloud adoption is today, this report shows the tremendous growth ahead and how quickly it will happen over the next half decade,” said Tim McKinnon, CEO of CloudCheckr. “Now is the time for IT organizations to define the right strategies to utilize the full potential of the cloud and for cloud service providers to enhance their capabilities to lead their customers through cloud transformations.”

In addition to exploring cloud deployment trends, the survey takes an in-depth look at adoption of Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoEs) and related organizational capabilities. Other findings from the report include:

• 93% of organizations face challenges with budgeting 2021 infrastructure cloud costs, with unpredictability driven by the pandemic the top reason

• 59% of companies that have adopted a CCoE reported better overall operational efficiency and 56% report improved cloud governance

• 93% of cloud stakeholders report that they have concerns about potential issues in their cloud environments related to security, governance, and compliance

“Migrating to the cloud is only the first step,” said McKinnon. “It is up to organizations to adopt the right technology and form teams—be it internally or externally—to develop and manage cloud strategy, governance, and best practices.”

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