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Security Breaches of Remote Working


Remote working may be seen as convenient and beneficial for both the employer and employee, but there are also many remote work security risks of working off-site.

The unprecedented advent of COVID-19 introduced us to a new norm of WORK FROM HOME, though this was followed earlier too in some companies where employees were allowed a certain number of days in a year to wfh but it is during this pandemic and lock down time that affected or forced every industry to switch to the Remote Working Mode. The huge increase in working from home expanded the usual digital parameters within organisations from a single office-based location to hundreds and thousands of home locations.

Remote working may be seen as convenient and beneficial for both the employer and employee, but there are also many remote work security risks of working off-site. As more people work online, and more services are being digitized, there’s an increasing cybersecurity risk for companies.

There are many factors that contribute to remote cyber security risks and the top few are:

  • Data Leaks that can happen by using public networks or unsecured home wireless networks.
  • Unsecured Data Storage on employee’s personal devices.
  • Physical Theft of their laptops, cell phones.
  • Weak Security Passwords – these weak passwords on their devices and apps can put the entire organization at risk.
  • Sharing of non-encrypted files – when files are transferred from one device/person to another device/person they are not encrypted which may lead to data being leaked.
  • Phishing and Email Scams

Thus, it is precarious that companies take steps to reduce the risk from cyber security threats, through –

  • Educating staff in managing sensitive data from home.
  • Monitoring all devices being used so that mishaps can quickly be identified.
  • Validation of security effectiveness of various people involved.
  • Evaluating the ability to deal with a cyberattack quickly and efficiently.
  • All employees should have access to the latest security software and upgrades to protect against malware and hacks.

If you’re among the organisations giving employees the wfh facility then you must consider our inDefend product that is the solution to take away all your worries and manage all the threats to put an end to Data Leakage and Breaches.

inDefend, is a Unified User Behaviour Analytics and Insider Threat Management Solution that gives you:


  • There are various modules that help to detect threats over Workstations/Laptops/Roaming Laptops. It recognizes where all the secured data is stored and monitors each event of the employee in office or working remotely.
  • It provides maximum transparency over any employee irrespective of the strength of the organization. It monitors their activities and communication habits.
  • There is full protection over data compromise as it sends alerts each time a sensitive file is attached or a screen shot taken.
  • It provides full control over employees working remotely and about their productivity. It keeps a track on their browsing history – the sites visited and the time spent there.
  • Helps to keep a control on the exiting employees and their activities.
  • There is a unique workflow analysis to manage access permissions for scattered employees.

So…do not wait and contact us for more details:


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