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FireEye report announces latest cyber threats facing the healthcare industry

FireEye report announces latest cyber threats facing the healthcare industry

The healthcare sector faces a range of cyber attacks and malicious activity. Given the critical role it plays within society and its relationship with our most sensitive information, the risk to this sector is especially consequential. FireEye has launched a report that provides an update on the three types of threat most commonly used against

How Tiny Fingernail Sensors and AI can help Monitoring Health and Disease Progression

Grip strength is a useful metric in a surprisingly broad set of health issues. It has been associated with the effectiveness of medication in individuals with Parkinson’s disease, the degree of cognitive function in schizophrenics, the state of an individual’s cardiovascular health, and all-cause mortality in geriatrics. At IBM Research, one of our ongoing challenges

VASCO Expands Solutions for Healthcare

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. announced today two new solutions targeting the rapidly growing healthcare segment, DIGIPASS Authentication for Epic Hyperspace and DIGIPASS GO 7 hardware authenticator for healthcare. DIGIPASS Authentication for Epic Hyperspace is a plug-in for IDENTIKEY Authentication Server and integrates in Epic Hyperspace, the leading software for electronic health records (EHR). DIGIPASS

Increasing Cyber Attacks in Healthcare Industry Globally

The current states of cyber threats and data-stealing attacks have massively increased in the digital healthcare industry globally. Healthcare is now highly-targeted and increasingly vulnerable as the next wave of connected devices hits an already complex technology environment. One in every 600 attacks in the healthcare sector involve advanced malware. In fact, the healthcare sector is four times