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Companies are already looking at the possibilities of 6G


Now that 5G services have hit the mainstream, companies are already looking to advance the technology by increasingly researching and preparing for ‘Beyond 5G’ and ‘6G’ services. According to leading data and analytics company GlobalData’s Filing Analytics database, mentions of ‘6G’ in company filings increased by 32% in 2022, compared to 2019, while average sentiment has improved by 20%.

The first 6G networks are expected to be launched by 2030.

Misa Singh, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, said, “Launch of 5G services has led to more and more companies looking for the next advancement, increasing investment in research and development (R&D) to ensure they are ready for the next wave of technological development. Companies are experimenting on technologies such as Open Radio Access Network (RAN) that will be fundamental if 6G is to be launched by 2030.
Below, GlobalData identifies multiple companies that are discussing ‘Beyond 5G’ and ‘6G’, based on its Filing Analytics database:

Altice Labs is looking at ‘Beyond 5G’ architectural possibilities in the THz band via alliances for future wireless backhaul, while Tower Semiconductor USA is looking to incorporate automotive sensors as advanced safety systems for autonomous vehicles.

Meanwhile, companies such as Himachal Futuristic Communications are discussing investments in a ‘6G Taskforce’ to study various aspects of 6G such as new waveforms and design considerations. For the realization of new use cases such as holographic presence, tactile internet, realistic haptics, and cyber physical systems, Himachal Futuristic Communications is discussing operations over 100 GHz spectrum band, convergence of terrestrial and satellite communication, human centric network and design considerations.

Companies have been discussing collaborations with other companies and educational institutions for the development of 6G services. For example, Reliance Industries is discussing the partnership between JIO and a Finnish university, while Tech Mahindra is collaborating with a European government. Further, Nokia was named project leader for Hexa-X, the European Commission’s flagship 6G initiative for research into the upcoming generation of wireless networks.

Amplitech Group is conducting R&D on combining cellular and satellite 5G/6G subsystems, while PCTEL is working on integration with Smarteq antennas for creating a larger antenna portfolio for 6G bids. Intelligent Labs Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp is collaborating with Fujitsu, NEC, and Nokia on 6G projects.

Kathryn Weldon, Principal Analyst in GlobalData’s Enterprise Technology and Services Group adds: “Many of the use cases that were anticipated and widely hyped for 5G for the enterprise —such as autonomous vehicles, AR/VR for training and product maintenance, automated construction and manufacturing, control of fleets of robots and drones, and hyper-precise location services—are in the beginning stages, but will be much more realizable with the lower latency and higher bandwidth of 6G, anticipated by 2030”.


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