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Fortinet FortiMail Receives Top AAA Rating in SE Labs Email Security Test


FortiMail Demonstrates 100 Percent Detection of Phishing Attacks With Zero False Positives.

Fortinet today announced that its FortiMail Secure Email Gateway solution earned SE Labs’ top AAA rating in the 2018 Email Security Services (ESS) group test, while maintaining a perfect score in legitimate accuracy.

FortiMail effectively addresses the latest email threats: SE Labs’ test results found that FortiMail demonstrated 100 percent detection of phishing attacks and 95 percent overall detection of advanced threats like business email compromise and targeted attacks with zero false positives.

Fortinet consistently delivers independently top-rated protection: When tested alongside widely deployed email security products against the same sample sets of advanced threats, FortiMail was one of only three vendors to earn a top AAA rating and showed its value in augmenting the foundational controls in Microsoft Office 365.

Fortinet is committed to independent testing: As the most independently tested and top rated security vendor in the industry, Fortinet continually participates in established test, including 50 plus consecutive VBSpam tests, 12 consecurity ICSA ATD tests, 5 consecutive NSS BDS tests, and emerging tests like the first ever NSS BPS test and this new SE Labs ESS test.
FortiMail Ranked Among Top Secure Email Gateway Solutions

Email continues to be the primary attack vector for cybercriminals, with 92.4 percent of all malware and over 90 percent of all reported security incidents starting with phishing emails, with malicious attachments or links being sent to and opened by company employees. Such attacks may lead to sensitive information and data getting into the hands of cyber criminals as well as costing organizations large sums of money.

Addressing these challenges requires selecting and implementing a Secure Email Gateway that can not only see and effectively stop threats, but also easily integrate into their larger security strategy. The AAA rated FortiMail fully integrates into the Fortinet Security Fabric, enabling organizations to deploy FortiMail as part of a complete end-to-end security solution.

“For our Email Security Services report, we run hundreds of tests ranging from basic to highly advanced for a number of threat categories – including phishing, social engineering, advanced malware and more – along with a control group of legitimate email. Fortinet FortiMail demonstrated strong effectiveness against this challenging set of threats with perfect accuracy, placing it among the top solutions with a high AAA rating,” said Simon Edwards, CEO at SE Labs.

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