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Equalum Opens Competitive Replacement Program to Enterprises


Equalum has announced a competitive replacement program to assist enterprises seeking a CDC solution with greater performance and efficiency. The new program brings the company’s powerful Change Data Capture (CDC) solution to users of legacy solutions such as HVR, Striim and StreamSets, offering a well-equipped CDC option with a substantially greater feature set and on-premise or private cloud functionality, all at a substantially more compelling price point.Participating organizations will receive a 25% price reduction in first year and no cost migration/onboarding from legacy CDC platforms.

With the Equalum CDC solution, organizations are empowered for real-time data movement that supports both on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. Equalum allows for easy-to-orchestrate data pipelines delivering industry leading CDC performance for the most data-intensive operations. Unlike comparable solutions, Equalum CDC delivers on simplicity, replicating subsets of data and ever-changing schema with ease. It has the ability to capture data and changes exactly once, then proceeds to replicate or ETL the CDC data to the corporate data warehouse or data lake(s), for analytics or other purposes.

Additional advantages include:

  • Real-time replication of data from source to target.
  • Powerful, real-time streaming ETL workflow design and execution.
  • Modern, quick to set up CDC, powering real-time replication, in-flight transformations and enterprise-wide use
  • The simplicity and ease-of-use of Equalum’s no-code UI, which saves development time and relieves unnecessary programming burdens on the IT department.

“Equalum’s new Competitive Replacement Program offers enterprise customers the assurance they can architect their CDC solution in the way that best supports their organization without concern over the changing product strategies of their vendor,” said said ErezAlsheich, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Equalum. “This is an excellent option for users who wish to maintain an on-premise CDC solution instead of migrating to a potentially insecure and less performant cloud-only option.”

Making the switch to Equalum is fast and simple with support from the company’s customer support team. A complete transition to the new Equalum platform can be completed with minimal delay to ensure important data streaming, replication or other migration processes can be completed on schedule.

The Equalum CDC solution is available for immediate production deployments..

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