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World Password Day – Tenable comments


Commenting on world password day Adam Palmer, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at Tenable said, “Inspired by Mark Burnett’s book – Perfect Passwords, Intel took the initiative and introduced ‘World Password Day’ in 2013 to raise awareness to the importance of creating strong passwords – seven years later and it’s still a bone of contention! The sheer volume of stolen users’ passwords available for sale on the Dark Web highlights that the issue is less about creating strong passwords or phrases, and more about users creating unique codes for each online account to limit the damage from database breaches.

“Everytime a researcher with time on their hands searches through the stolen password databases, it reveals millions are still using 123456 as a password, so the chances of changing password behaviour is nothing short of a miracle.

“Given the reliance on passwords doesn’t appear to be reducing, and if anything our virtual identities are increasing, password managers that create and store complex passwords are essential. This year, as a spotlight is once again shone on passwords, instead of advocating complex recipes and codes, do yourself a favour and automate.”

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