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World Password Day 2023: Industry Insight from CyberArk


Comment on World Password Day 2023, which will be observed tomorrow, Thursday, 04th May, from Sumit Srivastava – Solutions Engineering Director – India at CyberArk.

“In the first half of 2022, the Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) recorded a 51% increase in ransomware attacks. In April 2022, CERT-In published mandatory reporting standards to counteract this expanding threat, requiring cyber incidents to be reported to CERT-In within six hours of discovery.

With vast amounts of sensitive information at their fingertips, attackers are assigning a new level of focus to employees’ passwords, especially poorly managed ones. In fact, with as many as 921 password attacks occurring per second globally, it is time for organisations to treat every employee’s credentials as potential operational risk that they appear to pose.

Password security is critical in today’s digital age for establishing robust security procedures. Organisations must have comprehensive strategies to safeguard employee credentials and protect them from cyber threats. This World Password Day, we must commit to protecting passwords of all users in our organisation with the same security-first approach that we apply to the privileged users’ credentials.

As organisations bolster their password protection capabilities, they should also work towards a holistic Identity Security approach to ensure privilege controls are applied across the board, for all identities.”


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