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We grew by more than 30% in 1st six months


We are building organic and inorganic expertise in the area of consulting and services around GRC with new / niche cybersecurity services relevant to the heightened risk due to WFA, says KrishnaRaj Sharma, Director and CEO, iValue InfoSolutions.

  1. iValue is known for its DNA solution: What is it’s important for enterprises, how different is this solution provided by iValue than its competitors?

iValue approach has been understanding and addressing business outcomes of Customers in the Data Network and Application management space. Since the core team has been focussing around this area since 2000, we have built tremendous expertise around technology, vertical needs along with Governance, Compliance and Risk area. The team has served over 7500+ Corporate and enterprise customers over the years. We leverage our expertise and learning with customers in a similar business space to ensure risk-free and relevant solution with relevant services. As an example, we work with the largest PSU and Private banks’ on a regular basis. We translate these learnings and deployments for mid-size and smaller banks as they take comfort with our success in the same domain with established names. With business outcome centric approach coupled with a laser-like focus around DNA and practice-based GTM with domain skills developed over 2 decades, iValue is very unique.

2. What has been the impact of current COVID on the economy at large and the crucial role of technology? Based on this what will iValue’s GTM strategy be for the next year?

The Top verticals for iValue have been BFSI, ITeS, Telecom, Pharma and Manufacturing over the years. iValue’s focus is around the Top 100 brands in each of these verticals. Ovid impact can be broadly summed up into 3 phases – ensuring continuity, making WFA robust, scalable and secure and accelerating digital shift with all stakeholders including employees in the new normal and going back to business initiatives as revenue visibility keeps improving.

We are seeing many of our customers in the 2nd and 3rd phase as most of them had the basic IT infrastructure before Covid for phase 1. Other than Manufacturing, all other verticals have bounced back starting Q2 itself which helped us post improvement in profitability by 200 basis points along with 30%+ growth for the first 6 months of the year over PY.

3. What has been the response of the Indian market for adopting latest technologies, especially during Covid times? What is the key focus based on which you continue sign-ups?

Post 2008 global meltdown, the market matured from features to tangible business impact for all technology investments. Thanks to iValue’s 3 customer practices, we are in touch with top enterprises on a weekly basis understanding their long term business initiatives and short term IT needs.

This continuous engagement with top brands has helped us identify emerging trends around DNA which helps us on-board the best-of-breed and proven brands on a continuous basis. With business outcome based approach and needs arising from actual business, we see good alignment and tracking for most of the new sign-ups and thus helping us grow at 3 to 4 times market growth rates over last 12+ years.

4. What are the market opportunities iValue is eyeing?

iValue takes pride in setting new benchmarks for the technology aggregation with service backing space. We are building organic and inorganic expertise in the area of consulting and services around GRC with new / niche cybersecurity services relevant to the heightened risk due to WFA. We are also adding offerings on empowerment area which is a key missing element in the fight to stay ahead of threats with most surveys highlighting people to be the weakest link amongst process and technology dimensions. We are also on the lookout for expanding on the geography presence across East Asia and MEA regions.

5. How has iValue’s growth been during the pandemic and what will its focus for 2021 be in terms of new investments and growth?

iValue improved on its profitability and grew by more than 30% in the 1st six months. We continue to invest to build capabilities around services and the consulting area around cybersecurity along with training. We are also aggressively pursuing inorganic growth opportunities both on capabilities and geography coverage to maximize profitable growth.


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