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Truecaller signs MoU with Delhi Police to enhance cyber safety awareness


Truecaller has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Delhi Police to combat the growing incidents of cybercrime, impersonation, and fraud, and promote safety in communication. This significant partnership aims to raise awareness about cyber safety to empower Delhi citizens with tips to improve safety in digital communication.

As part of this collaboration, starting today citizens will have access to all verified phone numbers of Delhi Police on Truecaller’s Government Directory Services. In addition, Truecaller will provide technical support to the Delhi Police in conducting cyber safety training for police personnel and vulnerable sections of society – including women, first-time internet users and college students. Truecaller & Delhi Police will also continuously share critical information through their social channels to equip citizens with knowledge of good practices to create a safer digital communication experience.

Sharing his thoughts on the partnership with Truecaller, Mr. Sanjay Singh, Special Commissioner, Licensing & Legal Division, Perception Management & Media Cell, Project Implementation & Technology, Delhi Police, said: “Cybercrimes are a growing menace in today’s times as bad elements in society are finding newer ways to cause harm to the common citizen. People of all genders, ages, income groups, locations, etc. are at risk of cybercrimes, making it a high-priority issue for us. I think the Government Directory Services by Truecaller is an important addition to the arsenal that citizens have at their disposal to make informed decisions by verifying the identities of Police officers to avoid harm in their digital communications. I am confident that this partnership with Truecaller will enhance cyber safety and build on our earlier work together on this agenda.”

Sharing her thoughts on the partnership, Ms. Pragya Misra, Director of Public Affairs, Truecaller, said: “We are excited to partner with Delhi Police to forward our joint mission to improve safety in digital communication by empowering mobile users to become responsible Digital nagariks. Truecaller users will be able to access verified numbers of Delhi Police officers through our Government Directory Services for better delivery of citizen services and tackle impersonation, one of the key causes leading to frauds. To date, our cyber safety training program has benefited over 1.6 million people nationwide, and we’re excited to extend this initiative to the citizens of Delhi to do our part to support the government’s “Stay Safe Online” campaign.

Truecaller is scheduled to conduct the first CyberWise training session under the partnership for Delhi Police personnel on March 18th later this week.


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