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Symphony SummitAI announces “IT Hero Rises” in partnership with CIO association


In an effort to bring forth and recognise the unsung, the largely unknown role played by IT support professionals/teams toward ensuring business continuity and zero business disruption, Symphony SummitAI, a leading provider of AI-driven IT/Enterprise Management solutions, has announced “IT Hero Rises”, an initiative in partnership with CIO Association.

The initiative is open to all IT support professionals (or their colleagues who can nominate them) across all verticals in India currently and will soon be extended worldwide. Stories of these Heroes will be featured at https://it-hero-rises.com/, which is dedicated to the initiative. Apart from being featured, selected ‘IT Heroes’ will receive a certificate from SummitAI & CIOKlub India besides a LinkedIn badge to add to their social handles in recognition of their dedication and passion.

Announcing the initiative, Satyen Vyas, CEO, Symphony SummitAI, said, “The sudden disruption due to Covid-19 last year brought to light the true importance of technology for businesses. IT teams across industries responded with incredible agility to the challenges of the new working environment. This crisis also showed us another important fact- the sheer human passion and commitment of people behind keeping the wheels running during such a challenging time, largely goes unnoticed. We were witness to many extraordinary stories where individuals and teams went beyond the call of duty. These are our true IT Heroes and Symphony SummitAI we take pride in recognizing/honoring them through this initiative. Thank CIO Association for readily consenting to partner.”

Added, Umesh Mehta, President, and CIO Association, “The CIO Association is pleased to partner with Symphony SummitAI for the “IT Hero Rises” initiative for too long, the sweat, tears and dedication of the countless thousands who slogged behind the scenes through personal hardships and sleepless nights, has not been told or recognized. I don’t think they went beyond seeking recognition but that does not mean their role, their passion should not be highlighted to the larger society. Salute each of these featured on the site and off it.”

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