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Supply Chain Partnership Announced by Everest Technologies with Korber


Everest Technologies, an IT services provider specializing in retail and supply chain solutions today announced its partnership with Korber for supply chain.

In this partnership, Everest Technologies will be focusing its expertise on implementing Korber’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) solutions, as well as empowering businesses to optimize and adapt the solutions to fit their unique needs. Everest’s new portfolio of Korber WMS services will include full implementations, specific enhancements for operational improvements, day-to-day maintenance, 24×7 support and quality assurance, and testing.

Using Everest’s vast experience and supply chain expertise, businesses will leverage the enormous advantages of the supply chain software solutions of Korber.

Vineet Arya, President, Everest Technologies, said, “We are very excited to partner with Körber. Efficient warehouse management systems are critical for both small and large enterprises. With Körber, we will be able to provide optimized and scalable supply chain solutions to our clients. With its decades of experience in warehouse management systems, Körber has proven that it’s one of the best in the industry, offering quality support and customer success service.”

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