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Startek Announces a Strategic Partnership with Automation Anywhere


Automation Anywhere, a global pioneer in cloud robotic process automation, has announced a strategic partnership with Startek, a global provider of customer experience management solutions (RPA).

By collaborating, Startek and Automation Anywhere will be able to deploy AI-powered RPA capabilities across their customer experience (CX) value chain, effectively meeting the growing demand from their partners. This partnership will help Startek achieve its goal of accelerating access to Intelligent RPA, digital workforce, and other value-added services throughout its worldwide customer business processes. Startek will be able to identify automation possibilities and build powerful CX solutions by democratising the Automation Anywhere platform and leveraging cloud-managed delivery, resulting in increased productivity and customer cycle time value.

The key objectives of this partnership also include supporting RPA skill development through strategic investments in Enablement, Advisory, CX, and Industry-specific solutions. It will also provide technical guidance, testing, software bots development, as well as free RPA training and support.

Sanjeev Sinha, Global CIO and Chief Digital Officer, Startek, said, “By partnering with Automation Anywhere, we can now leverage intelligent automation capabilities at a global scale by driving increased productivity while managing costs and turnaround time. This collaboration is a significant milestone in our digital transformation journey and is an indicator of our progress on the RPA maturity curve.”

Startek has been investing in enabling efficient digital transformation across several operating modules. Startek’s joint offering in RPA and AI, seeks to build on its track record of intelligent delivery by automating processes, allowing enterprises to optimise operations and spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time supporting business-critical projects.

“Customers are facing a real-time challenge in managing the increased volume of work with limited resources. Intelligent Automation plays a crucial role in augmenting business processes across front, middle and back offices by seamlessly communicating with the applications and automating mundane, repetitive tasks,” said Milan Sheth, EVP-IMEA, Automation Anywhere.

Automation powered by digital and data is being considered by the organisation as a proven strategy for increasing client win-rates, future-proofing existing customer engagements, and enabling superior Go-to-Market strategies. This collaboration will assist Startek clients future-proof their RPA journey with an enterprise-grade platform that combines sophisticated RPA, AI, and embedded analytical technologies.

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