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Soroco Named a Leader in NelsonHall’s Process Understanding Evaluation 2023


Soroco has been named as a Leader in NelsonHall’s NEAT Evaluation for Process Understanding 2023. This recognition spans three market segments within process understanding, including Continuous Monitoring & Management, Enabling Automation-Focused Process Transformation, and Task Mining. The report assessed 17 vendors using extensive criteria and capabilities.

Soroco’s performance underscores their dedication to innovation and a mission to change how the world gets work done. Soroco’s flagship product, Scout®, a proprietary multi-modal AI model for enterprise interaction data, spearheads this innovation. Scout® generates a “work graph” which uncovers hidden pain points experienced by teams in their work, directly impacting business outcomes. By autonomously generating solutions to address these pain points, Scout empathizes with how teams experience work, and helps them enhance their productivity.

“We are pleased to be recognized yet again by NelsonHall as a Leader,” said Samson David, CEO, Soroco. “As enterprises navigate the complex landscape of continuous business transformation, they encounter significant hurdles, which are often hidden. Scout®, our flagship AI model, reveals these hidden pains that affect your teams and establishes how they impact business outcomes. Scout then helps drive actions to resolve these issues. In the end, our goal is to empathize with teams and, in the process, foster happier and more productive teams.”

Mike Smart, Senior Analyst and Operations Officer, NelsonHall, said, “Soroco was positioned as a Leader in NelsonHall’s 2023 Process Understanding NEAT evaluation in the Task Mining market segment due to its ability to create work graphs from human–computer interactions to support process transformations; this goes beyond simple RPA and into workflow automation, IDP, email templatization, and conversational AI. Soroco’s platform also remains one of the few task mining platforms to support the ingestion of process mining data.”

According to NelsonHall’s projections, the process understanding market is anticipated to reach approximately $6.9 billion by 2027.

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