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Sentinel and Lumos Labs call developers to Decentralize the VPN industry with the Sentinel Hiring Challenge 2021


Sentinel, a global network of autonomous decentralized Virtual Private Networks (dVPNs) that enables private and censorship-resistant internet access, and Lumos Labs, an innovation management firm, launched its India-focused hiring challenge, Sentinel Hiring Challenge 2021, in a move to expand their ecosystem in India and better collaborate with Indian developers.

The hiring challenge will be focused on gauging and scouting the right talent to empower the Sentinel Ecosystem. The India-focused Sentinel Hiring Challenge is steered towards educating, enabling, and empowering the Indian blockchain developers and enthusiasts to produce innovative privacy-focused decentralized solutions. In addition, both partners aim to optimize the cyber security space in India and provide new and creative decentralized applications in the space. Lumos Lab and Exidio leaders also prioritized the hackathon event in India following July 2020 wherein India recorded the highest number of cyber-attacks according to a report by Kaspersky’s telemetry.

The Hackathon was preceded by a four week-long Sentinel Education Program which was conducted from September 16- 27, 2021. The initial program focused on educating participants on the basics of blockchain technology and providing them with the tools to build on the Cosmos-based Sentinel blockchain. Through this initiative, Sentinel strives to strengthen the budding and existing developer ecosystem of India and facilitate its journey towards decentralization.

The four week-long Education Program also consisted of various workshops covering the basics of blockchain technology, smart contracts, cryptography, and further advances into building onto the Sentinel ecosystem and project showcases. Thus, with the Education Program and the Hiring Challenge, Sentinel aims to provide a holistic platform for budding developers to learn, create, improve, and implement their visions.

The pandemic has accelerated the already-increasing global dependency on the digital world with 2020 witnessing almost 64.2 zettabytes of data being created and replicated. The centralized structure of the virtual world ensures that most of the data generated is stored with a few companies which then becomes susceptible to breaches, hacks, and manipulation.

“Sentinel ecosystem’s long-term goal is to empower the world with universal access to the Internet in a trusted and decentralized manner. We aim to equip our users with cost-effective, scalable, and distributed networking solutions through our ecosystem. We are delighted to launch the Sentinel Hiring Challenge 2021 with Lumos Labs and look forward to further equipping some of the brightest minds of the emerging blockchain hub with the correct tools to transform their ideas into reality. Through this challenge, we hope to witness inventions and talent that advance our cause of achieving various decentralized privacy-focused applications that can protect our users’ data from hacks, breaches, and from being collected and analysed for marketing purposes. We at Sentinel are excited for this Hiring Challenge and for what the highly sought after Indian developer ecosystem has to offer” Virinchi Recharla, Business Development, Sentinel mentioned

Furthermore, winners will be shortlisted for employment opportunities with the global brand along with incentives from a pool of USD $100K will be granted to the winners. They will also receive personalised feedback and mentoring from experts, branded Schwag, and certificates for the participants through their journey of Sentinel India Hackathon.

“Lumos Labs is excited to enter into the world of decentralized privacy and cannot wait to see what awaits us during the course of the Sentinel Hiring Challenge 2021. We are delighted to be able to provide the budding developers of India with a platform to showcase their utility and innovations with numerous opportunities to get hired. In this era of data breaches, hacks, and privacy concerns, it is imperative that we work towards giving the users ownership of their own data and ensure data protection. During the course of this challenge, we hope to support a plethora of unique decentralized privacy-focused applications that help us achieve the same. We are glad to be a part of this emerging ecosystem and look forward to getting a glimpse of a decentralized world of censorship-resistant internet and protected data” added Raghu Mohan, CEO and Co-founder, Lumos Labs.

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