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Red Hat Sets Sights on Delivering Linux Platform for Road Vehicles


Red Hat, Inc., the provider of open source solutions, has announced its intention to deliver a functional-safety certified, evolving Linux operating system for the automotive industry. This operating system will be designed for continuous updates throughout its lifecycle while still retaining crucial functional safety certifications.

The platform brings greater flexibility to the automotive software ecosystem, enabling vehicle manufacturers and their partners to focus on innovative driving experiences with confidence in the behavior of the underlying foundation, which will be developed and maintained by Red Hat and continuously certified by exida.

Red Hat intends to add open innovation to automotive software while retaining this same commitment to functional safety, bringing expertise in both implementation of more secure computing at-scale and reliable Linux systems-building benefits to the automotive supply chain.

Red Hat has engaged with exida to help prepare for ISO 26262 certification, an international standard governing the functional safety of electronic systems on road-vehicles. The ISO 26262 standard is the adaptation of IEC 61508 series of standards to address the sector specific needs of electrical and / or electronic systems within road vehicles. The adaptation applies to all activities during the safety lifecycle of safety-related systems comprising electrical, electronic and software components.

Through this collaboration, Red Hat and exida will work towards the continuous certification of the intended Red Hat automotive Linux offering. exida serves as a world-leading accredited certification body specializing in automation and automotive systems with more than 500 work years of cumulative experience in functional safety and cybersecurity. Over nearly two decades of operation, exida maintains extensive relationships with many premium automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and many more automotive suppliers globally. exida maintains the largest database of failure mode information on all component parts used in safety related applications with over 400 billion operating hours of real world field data.

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