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RBL Bank Selects AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Service to Drive Digital Transformation


Amazon Web Services has announced that RBL Bank, a private sector bank in India, has selected AWS as its preferred cloud service to further drive its digital transformation efforts. RBL Bank has migrated more than 60 mission-critical applications to AWS, including retail assets, branch and business banking operations, human resources, and customer-facing websites from its on-premises data center to AWS. The bank plans to migrate more than 25 additional applications to AWS by the end of 2020, to further modernize its IT infrastructure, drive operational efficiencies, and innovate new services. Leveraging AWS’s broad and deep portfolio of cloud services, including database, serverless, and containers enables the bank to enhance speed to market of new consumer services, automate processes, and deliver a richer customer experience.

RBL Bank chose AWS for its commitment to security and highly reliable global infrastructure that will help the bank scale its IT infrastructure to better manage peak demand periods and seamlessly serve its over 8.7 million customers across the country. Before migrating to AWS, RBL Bank would forecast its IT resources and capacity requirements months in advance. With AWS, RBL Bank scales its infrastructure based on demand, instantly scaling up and down in alignment with usage of its services, consuming resources in a cost-efficient manner.

Speed of deployment was crucial to ensure the bank could continue to offer services and solutions seamlessly to its customers through its cloud migration. An ambitious project termed “30-in-30” aimed to complete the migration of 30 critical applications to AWS in 30 working days, and the team achieved 30 applications in just 25 days. To move quickly and automate the migration of its workloads, RBL Bank used CloudEndure Migration, which simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost and time required for cloud migration through a highly automated lift-and-shift solution.

RBL Bank is using AWS serverless computing, including AWS Lambda, to run code without provisioning or managing servers and AWS Fargate, which provides serverless computing for containers to easily develop and deploy new applications, without needing to procure, deploy, and operate new servers. Amazon DynamoDB, a fully managed database built for the cloud and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) will enable the bank to store and process banking transactions faster, automating workflows and analyzing data with high performance and built-in security.

Sankarson Banerjee, Chief Information Officer – RBL Bank said, “At RBL Bank, we have been investing in technology tools and platforms to offer agile, reliable, and superior solutions that will boost the customer experience. As we securely migrate our infrastructure to AWS, the user journey will become more and more seamless and intuitive. CloudEndure Migration allowed us to complete the migration ahead of schedule, and without disruption to our business and operations, while maintaining the agility, speed and scalability to launch new business services. We look forward to adopting more AWS’s services in the future.”

“An obsessive focus on delighting customers is key to success in the financial services industry, and we are excited to help RBL Bank use cloud technology to find new ways to deliver innovative experiences to its customers,” said Puneet Chandok, President, Commercial Business, India and South Asia, Amazon Internet Services Private Limited. “By selecting AWS as its preferred cloud service, RBL Bank can tap into the world’s broadest and deepest portfolio of cloud services to drive its digital transformation journey. This unlocks new possibilities to further transform RBL Bank’s service offerings and engagement with customers.”

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