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Only 7% of companies have digital-savvy teams


Only 7% of companies have digitally savvy executive teams, according to research published by MIT Sloan Management Review. The study define digital savviness as “an understanding, developed through experience and education, of the impact that emerging technologies will have on a business’s success over the next decade.”

The study which reviewed 1,984 large global companies found that large enterprises with digitally savvy executive teams outperformed comparable companies without such teams by more than 48% based on revenue growth and valuation.

Chief technology officers (CTOs) and CIOs are more likely than other executives to be digitally savvy. But this is not cause for celebration. Only 47% of the CTOs and 45% of the CIOs can be considered digitally savvy.

Having a digitally savvy top leadership team will stand businesses in good stead in using digital tools in a strategic way, says the report.

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