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On AWS, a local Tenable.io instance is now available in India


Tenable, Inc., a cybersecurity firm, has set up a local cloud instance for Tenable.io, its software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, on Amazon Web Services (AWS), in the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region.

Tenable.io’s scalability and flexibility are increased for customers in India by utilising the local AWS Region, which provides additional data integrity, availability, and security on top of the already safe cloud.

To bridge the gap between a distributed workforce and service delivery, Indian businesses, notably those in highly regulated areas like government and banking and financial services institutions (BFSI), have accelerated the use of cloud-based apps and SaaS models.

Organizations may comply with local data privacy requirements and policies while maintaining security, scalability, and flexibility by using Tenable.io hosted on the AWS Region in India.

Kartik Shahani, Country Manager for Tenable India, said “By expanding our Tenable.io support and service in India on AWS, organizations can benefit from the provider’s breadth and depth of cloud capabilities while adhering to local data regulations and requirements.”

“As we expand our footprint to help organizations meet the data sovereignty requirements of their geographic regions, the ability to optimize onshore operating models is vital. Through our collaboration with AWS, and Tenable’s track record of automating the deployment of our cloud infrastructure, we have the ability to rapidly create and maintain cloud instances in any region,” said Manoj Srivastava, Vice President of Engineering for Tenable.

Tenable.io is a key component of the Tenable portfolio, offering unparalleled insight into cyber risk across IT, cloud, IoT, and OT environments, as well as the depth of analytics needed to assess and convey cyber risk in business terms so that better strategic decisions can be made.

Customers will also be able to use Frictionless Assessment to continuously review cloud assets, instantly finding new vulnerabilities as their cloud environment changes, all without having to plan a scan or deploy an agent.

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