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Need for Work Equity and Total Meeting Equality for Hybrid Workers: Report


Poly has released a new report outlining the evolution of the workplace and changing employee attitudes to the 9-5. The Poly Evolution of the Workplace report provides analysis on the findings of a survey of 7,261 hybrid workers from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Poland and the United Arab Emirates.

The report examines how attitudes and behaviours have evolved – looking at everything from working patterns and culture, to frustration and noise, right down to what we wear.

The report found that more than half of workers (58%) felt that the rise in remote working has meant they are ‘always on’ and always available, leaving them unable to relax or switch off from work.

Nearly half (47%) said they worried about missing out on learning from peers and seniors when working from home. A further 52% think hybrid or home workers could be discriminated against or treated differently to employees in the office full-time.

The research suggests that there are very mixed feelings about the return to office. While many have missed the camaraderie and connection of seeing colleagues and clients, others are feeing anxious and worry their performance will suffer. What is evident is that for many, the changes of the past year are here to stay – with 64% of workers saying that office culture has ‘changed forever’. As a result, while many intend to return to the office, the role of the office and office etiquette are likely to evolve.

The survey suggests noise will be a particular hot button for returning workers, with the potential to cause friction between workers:

  • 56% expressed concern that noise levels in the office will make them less productive.
  • 42% worrying they will be prone to “noise rage” if their colleagues are too loud.
  • 60% think they’ll get fed up if their noisy co-workers break their concentration.
  • 40% fear that they will be more prone to outbursts in the office now that they’re unable to mute themselves or turn their cameras off.
  • Comparatively some are looking forward to returning to the office because of the noise at home (34%).

“For hybrid working to be a success, these issues must be tackled head on,” says Paul Clark, senior vice president of EMEA sales at Poly. Companies need to continue to put their employees at the centre of all that they do and provide them with the tools they need to accomplish their jobs in this new environment.”

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