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Mindtree is Chosen as a Strategic Partner by Western Asset


To drive enterprise innovation and transform IT services.

Mindtree, a leading digital transformation and technology services firm, announced that Western Asset, one of the world’s leading active fixed-income investment managers, has chosen it as a strategic partner to help drive innovation and differentiated experiences for the firm’s global investors. Western Asset will first work with Mindtree on their IT infrastructure and application portfolio, as well as a number of important business projects.

Western Asset will be able to build a more flexible operating model that can swiftly adapt to changing company needs and expedite time-to-value as part of our multi-year collaboration with Mindtree. Mindtree will assist Western Asset in accelerating the move to a platform-based operating model, automating enterprise systems, and maintaining industry-leading best practises for IT services by utilising its deep domain and digital knowledge. Western Asset will be able to increase overall productivity, agility, and delivery as a result of this.

“Western Asset is excited to partner with a sophisticated managed service provider that has the proven ability to transform IT services using best-in-class tools and platforms to drive efficiency and help us meet our evolving business needs,” said Ric Okun, Global Head of Information Technology at Western Asset. “We are very pleased to have selected Mindtree, largely due to the company’s proven experience in driving IT transformation and their talented team.”

“Mindtree is the right choice to drive our IT transformation program. Mindtree’s focus on innovation, digital expertise and team-based culture is a very good match for Western Asset,” said Penny Morgan, Head of Business Transformation at Western Asset.

“We are pleased to be a part of Western Asset’s technology transformation journey to deliver higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness,” said Venu Lambu, Executive Director and President, Global Markets, at Mindtree. “As part of this strategic partnership, we look forward to enabling a fundamental shift in Western Asset’s IT operating model. Complementing Western Asset’s distinctive client-centric approach with scalable and resilient technology will further boost the firm’s ability to continue to meet and exceed client expectations.”

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