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“Logically Health” for the Healthcare Sector Unveiled by Laogically, to Combat Health Related Misinformation


A multi-pronged initiative that will harness AI-powered tools on the ground health experts to fight damaging health misinformation at scale.

Logically, a tech company using advanced AI to tackle misinformation, announces the launch of Logically Health, a new initiative designed to make a significant impact on health misinformation in India. Logically Health will provide cutting edge AI-powered solutions to a wide range of healthcare providers, companies and administrators, and establish educational and knowledge-sharing programmes for healthcare professionals.

Logically Health will provide access to Logically’s threat intelligence platform – Logically Intelligence – as well as the company’s AI-assisted fact-checking service. Logically Health will also convene a group of leading healthcare experts to combat health related misinformation, and establish an anti-misinformation training program for healthcare professionals.

Logically Health will be led by Ashwin Sivakumar, a new appointment to Logically, with a career spanning 15 years in healthcare digital business transformation and marketing. Ashwin has helped many healthcare enterprises adopt new digital business models and will spearhead Logically Health.

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has intensified the already pressing need for reliable health information and advice. High levels of vaccine hesitancy persist, with reports suggesting vaccine hesitancy rates of around 29%, and discordant medical advice for avoiding and treating Covid-19 still rampant.

Ashwin Sivakumar, Senior Advisor for Healthcare and Healthtech at Logically, said: “I’m delighted to be joining Logically on its mission to resolutely combat health misinformation. Logically Health is an industry-leading initiative, combining advanced AI monitoring capabilities, a scalable fact-checking service, and key healthcare stakeholders to make a real difference to public health and the healthcare sector. We look forward to working closely with health experts and influencers on this mission to tackle such an important issue.”

Designed to help companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare sectors, and public and private healthcare providers, manage harmful healthcare misinformation, Logically Health is a new multi-pronged initiative:

  • Logically Health provides access to Logically’s threat intelligence platform Logically Intelligence. The platform’s cutting-edge AI can monitor, analyse and manage harmful healthcare-related misinformation at scale. It equips health providers, pharmaceutical sector businesses, as well as public health bodies, with an advanced early-warning system and a suite of actionable countermeasures, allowing them to take early, proactive decisions to limit the impact of misleading and harmful content.
  • In addition, the initiative offers an AI-assisted fact-checking service, which is carried out by combining Logically’s AI and Natural Language Processing technology with one of the world’s largest dedicated fact-checking teams, meaning high quality fact-checking can be achieved at pace and scale.
  • Alongside its advanced technical capabilities, Logically Health will bring together an expert group of healthcare stakeholders, supporting their efforts to disseminate high quality health-related information, and empower them to learn how to better identify and debunk misinformation through a new training and certification programme.

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