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Entrust Secures & Simplify Cloud Journey with PKI Technology


Entrust, a global leader in trusted identity, payments and data protection, has announced the launch of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as-a-Service, which provides a secure solution that is quick to deploy, scales on-demand, and runs in the cloud. This helps reduce complexity and enhance the security of an organization’s cloud applications.

Entrust PKI as a Service (PKIaaS) simplifies cloud migration with pre-built secure solutions that are ready to implement quickly and efficiently, backed by more than 25 years of Entrust PKI expertise and innovation. The PKIaaS architecture allows customers to scale on-demand, while maintaining simplicity by reducing on-premise services, applications, and software for use cases such as Active Directory PKI Serivce and Private TLS/SSL ACME Service.

The Entrust PKIaaS delivers four key benefits:

Scale: Modern use cases require more certificates and shorter life certificates. PKIaaS is a high performance, cloud-native system that grows as required with nearly limitless capacity, and supported by expert Entrust professional services.

Speed: A customer’s PKI needs to operate fast and run where it does business. PKIaaS deploys and expands within minutes, delivering a quick solution to secure a range of business use cases.

Security: PKIaaS provides the assurance customers expect from Entrust, with dedicated CAs and keys protected in Entrust datacenters, secured by nShield HSMs.

Simplicity: Management becomes more challenging as deployments diversify and use cases grow more complex. Entrust PKIaaS manages the PKI so customers don’t have to. It’s managed and deployed from Entrust’s Central Certificate Services portal allowing customers to manage their public and private certificate estate in one easy to use location.

The launch forms part of the wider Entrust as-a-Service offerings, an evolution that’s designed to provide organizations with simplicity, security, speed, and scalability as they migrate to the cloud. Together, these applications secure critical and complex digital security and identity use cases with turnkey cloud services that are easy to consume and backed by experts. Additionally, PKIaaS supports other use cases like credential based authentication and integrates seamlessly with Entrust HSMs, providing a clear and trusted roadmap for their cloud deployments.

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