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Co.dx’s Exclusive Next-Gen CPG Application Suite is Now Available


TheMathCompany is pleased to announce the launch of its highly advanced and nuanced CPG application suite on Co.dx, a proprietary AI/ML platform for developing and deploying multiple applications across client ecosystems.

Designed to navigate through shifting retail structures, evolving consumer behavior, and other challenges prevalent within the CPG sector, Co.dx’s CPG-specific AI faculties enable the applications to be plug-and-play.

TheMathCompany is launching Co.dx’s CPG application suites as part of Phase 1 to assist organisations in increasing revenue across their commercial value chains while also giving holistic and granular perspectives into category performance.

Using cutting-edge technology, Co.dx’s ready-to-deploy suite of products seeks to help CPG businesses achieve double-digit growth and maximise ROI. It accomplishes so by assisting CPG companies in resolving long-standing issues such as data harmonisation, business process agility enhancements, and application integrations within existing ecosystems.

TheMathCompany’s experts have designed and curated these application suites to enable collaborative growth planning while ensuring optimization across primary levels of revenue management, including assortment, distribution, pricing, promotions, and maximisation of return on marketing spend, based on their vast experience solving real-world business challenges for Fortune 500 companies.

“Co.dx is abstracted from tackling industry-wide challenges to reduce time to value, and the CPG application suite focuses on standardizing processes and helping resolve key problems within the CPG industry, such as providing stakeholders with a holistic view into category performance. With our proprietary contextualized AI algorithms designed to drive action, we help augment decisions and enable our clients to stay ahead of the competition. With newer opportunities, we expect to expand and build a range of application suites on Co.dx for other functional and industry verticals, ensuring rapid impact for enterprises,” says Anuj Krishna, Co-Founder & Head of Assets at TheMathCompany.

Co.dx’s applications can be customized to match business nuances for seamless integration, and also allows executives to formulate short-term tactical plans and long-term strategic goals through actionable insights. Co.dx, which is powered by pre-built AI widgets, helps businesses shorten time to value by more than half and speed the data-to-decisions cycle at scale.

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