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Cisco Brings Individual and Team Insights to Webex Video Calls


To help people work smarter, combat burnout and drive more inclusive work experiences, Cisco Webex announced advancements to the People Insights feature. Available through the all new Webex, and accessible through a personalized and private view, People Insights aligns with the goals you personally set for your meetings, work-life integration, connections, and focus time. Designed with a people-first mindset, the insights are available from three points of view: Personal, Team and Organizational. All are underpinned with privacy and security to ensure this information is only available to you.

Cisco also announced new cloud pricing for Webex desk and room devices, making intelligent collaboration experiences even more affordable for every space with up to 50% lower costs. Cisco Webex also recently announced availability of features, devices and tech integrations to deliver seamless collaboration and smart hybrid work experiences.

“We’re focused on helping people achieve more positive, productive and inclusive work experiences whether they are seated across the table or across the screen from their teammates. Having meaningful insights that let you seamlessly collaborate and build quality connections, while also helping you focus your time in the best way possible will change how we think about productivity and prioritize well-being in a hybrid workplace” said Jeetu Patel, SVP and GM Security and Collaboration at Cisco. Webex has introduced a series of new features in recent months, some powered by artificial intelligence, to change how people share information in video calls. Toward this end, Patel said, “We’ve probably invested about a billion dollars or so in the past two years in AI.”

People Insights is intended to be available globally and will be rolled out in a phased approach over the coming year, with initial availability to select customers in the US beginning this summer.

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