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2023 Tech Trends – Leadership quotes from GoTo


“IT consolidation will be a key theme for businesses in 2023 as companies face worsening economic conditions and must condense budgets while still preserving customer loyalty. Solution providers are often the first place where businesses look to cut budgets, but by consolidating their vendors and tech solutions, IT teams can cut costs and simplify billing while simultaneously streamlining workflows and interoperability between the tools they need. At a time of uncertainty, businesses need to provide extra reassurance and show they are willing to go the extra mile to connect with customers wherever they are – whether that’s on the phone, web, or mobile experience. Customer service will be the make-or-break factor that preserves relationships and loyalty, and it needs to be simple, pleasant, and accessible from anywhere.”
Paddy Srinivasan, CEO, GoTo

“Speed and flexibility are the leading lessons for businesses this year as the idea of ‘hybrid networks’ becomes stronger by the day. With cost influxes associated with technological updates and high-speed business environments, in-house software expenses just won’t cut it. As a result, SaaS will become more critical to most businesses as it solves the headache of big costs and provides businesses with more confidence and predictability to weather potential economic storms. As we look forward into the future, the IT ecosystem will also witness a higher degree of cross-collaboration among technology providers, service vendors, channel partners and system integrators. With the economy shifting to self-service, rising demand for tools that empower IT teams supported by cloud adoption means big shifts will be observed in the way we are creating and supplying the technology. A truly transformative age is ahead of us. What will be the driving force for SMEs and large enterprises is the modern, flexible, and robust IT support solutions that offer a range of features and functionalities through a unified platform for organisations to seamlessly manage their dispersed workforce and build their competitive edge in the market.”
Mathew Philip, Senior Director & Country Manager, India, GoTo.


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