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Interview with Abhijit Ray, CTO, DigiBoxx


CIO AXIS: How does DigiBoxx distinguish itself from other brands in the market?

Abhijit Ray: DigiBoxx was born from the need of affordable storage for everyone.DigiBoxx’s USP is that it is has been developed in India and user’s digital assets are stored in data centres located in India. We identified the unmet need of the citizens who wanted a service that made sure that their data stayed in the country. It is also highly adaptable, meaning it caters to the needs of individuals, freelancers or gig workers, small businesses and enterprises.

Most cloud service providers offer paid plans that are not as affordable as DigiBoxx. There are major players in this space in the world today butnone have given a thought to the regular, everyday people, who would like tohave a digital footprint but do not have a big budget for cloud storage. That’s where DigiBoxx comes in. Our free plan offers a substantial 20GB storage space and the paid plansare cheaper than a cup of coffee.

To put this in perspective, for one month’s 100GB subscription of Google Drive you will get a 2TB plan on DigiBoxx for a month. It is very economical for the average user and business. It also includes DigiFotos, which lets users synchronise their photos and videos automatically from their smartphones to their DigiBoxx cloud drive.

We have also simplified theuser interface, so when our customers use DigiBoxx, they don’t feel that they are dealing with a complex technical product. We also provide customer support in local languages to ensure that customers who are not well conversant in English or are not particularly tech savvy can also use our services at ease.

CIO AXIS: What are some future developments or features that DigiBoxx has planned to enhance the user experience? 

Abhijit Ray: Considering the popularity that DigiBoxx enjoys, the next 12 to 18 months will be extremely exciting as we launch and add more products and features.We have released our Partner API just a few weeksago. This will allow a number of individuals and different businesses to benefit from DigiBoxx’s Priced for India Storage Solution. Furthermore, we are coming out with more integrations with other services so that our customers find it very easy to use DigiBoxx seamlessly within their favourite applications.

We are working with a partner to allow users to integrate all their cloud accounts with DigiBoxx. Soon, we are coming out with our Desktop app, a much-awaited product. We are also working on new kinds of integrations with browsers.

The biggest release for us has been Megh3. This is a first-of-its-kind Indian S3 compatible storage solution that will allow businesses and individuals to store data on the cloud using the software of their choice. Now our customers get the choice of buying storage in the order of hundreds of terabytes. I believe, now we are one of the very few companies to offer both SaaS and PaaS, i.e. Software as a Service and Platform as a Service to the consumer.

We are extremely excited about the possibilities and I personally believe that we can completely disrupt the space of digital storage here in India with DigiBoxx’s upcoming offerings.

CIO AXIS: Could you explain the pricing model for DigiBoxx and share more details available subscription plans?

Abhijit Ray: Our free plan offers a substantial 20GB storage space and the paid packages are very affordable to everyone, irrespective of their economic status.We offer packages with various storage capacities, starting from 100 GB to 2TB for individuals.For SMBs it is from 500GB to 25TB. The SMB packages come with a preset number of users a business can incorporate into the account, and the number of users allowed per account is very generous. Normally other storage companies charge by the number of users and the corporate buying ends up paying quite a hefty amount. We brought a more efficient and affordable way to store.


CIO AXIS: How does DigiBoxx provide customer support or address any technical issues that users may encounter?

Abhijit Ray: DigiBoxx has a dedicated multi-lingual Customer Experience (CX) team to support, handhold, answer queries and provide solutions to all our users over phone, email and chat.

getting support from a major service provider is to send an email to the support email id, and wait for a few hours at least, before getting a response. Then all communication goes on over email.

DigiBoxx users can directly call the number or write to the email id on our website. They will get a call back within minutes. The CX team keeps calling back with updates at regular intervals so that our users are kept abreast with the latest on their tickets.

If a user reports a problem that needs the respective technical team’s attention, the CX team works with the right technical team to resolve the problem.

We understand that all users might not be tech savvy and could face challenges from time to time. Our CX team is only a call away to make sure everyone gets the help they need.

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