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India’s Rapid Transition into a Product-centric Hub is Reshaping its Global Role

by CIOAXIS Bureau

In this exclusive e-mail interview with CIOAXIS, Pramod Guttal, COO & Director, Applied Systems India, state that “India’s rapid transition into a product-centric hub is reshaping its global role.”


Q1. At what pace is India transforming into a hub for product-centric endeavors, moving beyond its established role as a global service provider?
India’s rapid transition into a product-centric hub is reshaping its global role. While possessing a technologically advanced workforce, lacking a robust product ecosystem compels talent to seek opportunities abroad. However, as India moves from a service-centric to a product-centric landscape, its workforce gains creative autonomy, fostering the development of globally competitive products. This transformation holds particular significance for the Insurtech sector as well. By prioritizing product innovation, this industry takes pride in offering tailored solutions aligned with clients’ evolving demands. This strategic shift enhances our competitive advantage and unlocks access to international markets, driving revenue growth and fostering enduring client partnerships. Embracing a product-centric approach positions us as industry leaders, driving scalability and long-term profitability for our organization.

Q2. In the past decade, how has Applied Systems India led the way in crafting world-class IT products right from India’s shores?
Over the past decade, Applied Systems India has led the charge in crafting cutting-edge IT solutions right from the shores of India. Since its establishment in 1980, Applied Systems has achieved remarkable growth and organizational development. With a robust sales presence spanning the United States, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom and a formidable marketing team, Applied Systems has solidified its position as a trailblazer in insurance automation and innovation.

As a global leader, Applied Systems is the largest provider of agency and brokerage management systems, catering to a wide-ranging clientele across the United States, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Leveraging a portfolio of flagship products, Applied Systems garners international acclaim, with cross-functional teams in product management, engineering, and Quality Assurance collaborating seamlessly to engineer and deliver innovative solutions that effectively address critical challenges faced by our customers.

Q3. How does the success of clients link the final project outcomes to the contributions made by the team in India?
Applied Systems India has been a reliable force within Applied’s global product development in the recent past. With an influential role in building and releasing impactful products, our team has contributed significantly to the success of our clients. Specifically, our India engineering team played vital in developing the EZLynx comparative rating application, a cornerstone of Applied Systems’ portfolio. From its inception in 2004, our team has diligently managed architectural updates, multiple enhancements, maintenance, and backend support, ensuring the product’s consistent growth and reliability. Additionally, India engineering team has spearheaded the development of other vital product applications, including Sales Center, Retention Center, Communication Center, and Client Center, which extend the functionality of the EZLynx Agency Management System, by working closely with our US partners. The direct link between our team’s contributions and the triumph of our clients is evident in the enduring success and innovation of these products.

Q4. How does Applied India contribute globally to Applied Systems as a product development Research and Innovation group?
Applied India contributes globally as a prominent product development, and research and innovation group within Applied Systems. Applied Systems is a premier provider of cloud-based insurance software, recognized as the world’s largest agency and brokerage management system supplier. Our flagship product, EZLynx, revolutionized personal lines’ real-time comparative rating, streamlining insurance agents’ workflows by enabling them to obtain quotes from numerous carriers through a single-entry point. This innovation has facilitated over seventeen million monthly home, auto, and package rating transactions for more than 20,000 agencies. Furthermore, EZLynx’s evolution extends beyond comparative rating, encompassing a comprehensive suite of agency-centric software solutions – from management to marketing, communication, accounting, and more – all unified on a single platform. This unwavering commitment to innovation underscores our robust contribution on a global scale, empowering insurance professionals worldwide.

Q5. Can a product company be built with the mindset of a service-oriented approach?
Certainly, the transformation of India from a service-centric ecosystem to a product-focused one is compelling evidence that a product-based company is set for development where our workforce gains substantial creative latitude, enabling the development of globally competitive products. By prioritizing product innovation within the Insurtech sector, we harness the capacity to craft tailored solutions that align seamlessly with our clients’ dynamic requirements. This strategic pivot not only fortifies our competitive advantage but also empowers us to access international markets, propel revenue expansion, and forge enduring alliances with customers across the globe.

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