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Rupyy Introduces ‘Digikhata’ an AI-driven Tool to Empower its Channel Partners

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Rupyy, a FinTech venture from the house of CarDekho Group, announced the launch of ‘Digikhata’, a comprehensive digital ledger system that provides real-time insights and enables instant payouts for an enhanced partner experience, reducing friction and delivering a self-service solution.

In line with Rupyy’s rebranding initiative, ‘Digikhata’ separates partner-centric from consumer products. The current digital landscape is evolving rapidly and rebranding ensures clarity and resonance with distinct target audiences. The “Digi” brand signifies technological innovation, automation, and seamless experiences, empowering partners through self-service platforms like DigiPartner, DigiQode, and Digikhata.

DigiPartner offers a robust platform for partners to manage and track financing applications, while DigiQode simplifies financing applications for customers through a QR code scan at the point of sale.

On the launch of ‘Digikhata’, Mayank Kapoor, CTO of Rupyy, said, “We are thrilled to launch ‘Digikhata’ as a pivotal tech-driven solution for Rupyy. In collaboration with ‘DigiPartner’ and ‘DigiQode,’ Digikhata aims to elevate the overall partner experience. We have combined AI-driven predictive analytics, machine learning, and cloud to enable real-time instant B2B payments & settlements. As Rupyy continues to adapt and evolve through tech, our end customers and channel partners will continue to be at the forefront to reap the many benefits of our rapid progress”.

To offer even more individualised solutions, Rupyy is making significant investments in AI and machine learning. In order to improve the consumer experience, Rupyy is exploring generative AI. A consistent focus will be on user-centric and partner-centric design, ensuring that the tech solution remains accessible and inclusive.

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