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Oracle Data Cloud Launches Validated Demographics


The Oracle Data Cloud launched “Validated Demographics,” age and gender targeting across an audience of over 200MM unique IDs with up to twice the precision of age and gender benchmarks, per the industry-wide campaign norms tracked by Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings and comScore’s Validated Campaign Essentials (vCE).

“Too many digital impressions are served to the wrong demographic target,” said Eric Roza, Senior Vice President of the Oracle Data Cloud. “Validated Demographics helps eliminate waste by applying advanced Data Science across a range of different data sources to provide age and gender data that’s up to twice as accurate at unprecedented scale on both desktop and mobile devices.”

“When it comes to reaching the right audiences, balancing both scale and precision presents an ongoing challenge for advertisers and agencies,” said Mark Donovan, CMO of comScore. “Oracle’s Validated Demographics is a welcome addition to the marketer’s tool box that can enable smarter decision-making during the pre-bid process to drive improved campaign accuracy and ROI.”

Validated Demographics are drawn from the robust combined data assets of BlueKai, Datalogix, and third-party data partners, using a variety of verification methodologies, such as comScore vCE, to help ensure quality and measurability. “Validated Demographics Max Precision” audiences offer Oracle Data Cloud’s highest level of age and gender targeting accuracy, and “Validated Demographics Max Scale” audiences offer high.

“AOL leads the industry in helping advertisers find and reach the best audiences for their campaigns across devices and channels using our ONE by AOL platform,” said Rob Finora, Vice President, Business & Partner Development, AOL Platforms. “Oracle’s Validated Demographics provides ONE by AOL with access to high-quality data that raises the bar on age and gender accuracy at scale, and we are very pleased to make it available to our clients.”

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