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NoBroker Launches CallZen.AI, Conversational Intelligence Tool for Businesses

by CIOAXIS Bureau

NoBroker has announced the launch of CallZen.AI, a conversational intelligence tool that is set to transform the way businesses interact with their customers. CallZen.AI, an enterprise ready B2B product empowers businesses with unparalleled conversational insights from almost all Indian languages regardless of the context, whether it is calls, chats, or meetings.

Businesses are often overwhelmed with enormous amounts of data emerging from customer interactions. Manual audits of such data are time-consuming and inefficient which leads to ineffective performance management and unidentified lost opportunities. In the face of these challenges, CallZen.AI emerges as a game-changer, offering a comprehensive solution to address these critical issues and make business operations efficient. With CallZen.AI, businesses can effortlessly and efficiently analyse millions of calls within minutes, uncovering valuable data-driven insights to improve customer service and drive business growth. Utilising advanced machine learning models, CallZen accurately transcribes and extracts valuable insights from conversations conducted in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi.

Notably, it offers features like speaker identification, sentiment analysis, and entity recognition, even in mono-channel scenarios, enabling a deeper understanding of customer interactions.

Other than using Callzen.AI for agent and customer interactions, it works amazingly well to derive insights from customer to customer and customer to partner calls as well. For e.g. did a taxi guy ask to cancel the cab booking, or on a marketplace did customers speak and close the deal. Generally these C2C and C2P calls are so high in volume that it’s impossible to audit such calls, needless to say about capturing real time insights/upsell opportunity and connecting them back to your CRM and marketing automation suite. CallZen.AI enables them all!

CallZen is listed on Google Marketplace as an integrated solution vendor and ranked as number one product of the day on Product Hunt the day it was launched.

Commenting on the launch, Akhil Gupta, Co-founder & Chief Product & Technology Officer, NoBroker, said, “We saw the vast potential of AI in transforming the real estate landscape of India and leaped right in. Our journey with AI wasn’t just about automation; it was about reimagining the very essence of customer interaction. Over the years, this relentless pursuit led us to create bespoke Speech & NLP models. These were not just models; they were reflections of our dedication to understanding the intricacies of every conversation in any Indian language which many of the global AI leaders were not able to achieve. Callzen.AI emerged from this passion. It has taken us 5 years of hard work and multiple cycles of models and product revamp to automate almost all the conversational use-cases within NoBroker and sometime, a few months back we realised that this can be extremely useful outside NoBroker also.

Quality assurance is a critical component of customer service, and CallZen will enable businesses to simplify this process with customizable call scoring and automated audits. This pioneering SAAS platform demonstrates our commitment to empowering businesses to promptly address issues and enhance the overall customer experience.

One of CallZen’s standout features is its ability to identify and arrange call-backs for key moments in customer conversations. Moreover, it offers call summarization and automatic topic identification, allowing businesses to capture essential highlights and actionable insights from each interaction, resulting in a more profound understanding of customer needs.

Aside from improving internal processes; it also facilitates CRM integration, allowing businesses to set up custom CRM updates, emails, and alerts based on specific call highlights. This enhances customer relationship management and leads to more efficient follow-up and issue resolution.

Real-time alerting based on conversational triggers is another feature that sets CallZen.AI apart. It allows businesses to integrate moments and checklists into their existing systems, ensuring that they are immediately alerted to any violations or unusual conversations between agents and customers.

Agents’ performance is closely monitored using metrics such as call score, customer satisfaction rate, handling time, hold detection, talk ratio, and customer sentiments.

Businesses can export reports and visualise data through charts, graphs, and trends, providing them with a clear and concise overview of the metrics that matter most to their operations.

Callzen.AI is relevant for medium to large businesses and has already been implemented in 4 different sectors- banking, education, healthcare and edtech.

It promises to supercharge business outcomes by enabling companies to reclaim precious hours and unlock the true potential of their contact centers. With its powerful AI capabilities, it’s set to revolutionise customer interactions, boost sales, and ensure compliance.

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