Home Industry Korenix announced its wireless AP / Cellular IP Gateway solution

Korenix announced its wireless AP / Cellular IP Gateway solution


Korenix is delighted to announce its wireless AP/Cellular IP Gateway solution.

JetWave 3220 / 3320 / 3420 series has successfully passed and excelled in the testing requirements for compliance with E-mark standards. The excellent performance results of the wireless AP / IP Gateway solution assures that they combine all the heavy-duty hardware and intelligent software functionalities set by the standard, and thus are eligible to be used for installation in moving vehicles across European region.

The JetWave 3220 Series is an industrial 802.11n/a/b/g Wireless AP with both 2.4G and 5G radio band supported which allows the simultaneous use of two radio interfaces to prevent transmission interference and data loss, so users can be sure that its entire network will always be in service.

The JetWave 3320/3420 series is an industrial grade Cellular IP gateway which enables the IP Gateway routing to switch perfectly between LAN to 3G/LTE and WIFI to 3G/LTE.

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