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Healthify’s 40 Million Users Now Have Access to the Advanced AI Coaching

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Healthify (formerly HealthifyMe) announced the launch of its integrated health AI platform that redefines personal wellness. Created to expertly recognise, analyse, and respond to dietary, fitness, stress, and sleep patterns, Healthify’s AI solutions tailor health plans to each user’s specific needs. And with partnerships with food delivery apps – Healthify hopes to fulfil its advice as well.

Healthify’s AI solutions include its conversational AI coach Ria, its Coach CoPilot that collaborates with the company’s 1000+ coaches to enhance efficiency and the next generation of Snap – its photo-based nutrition tracker. The blend of advanced AI with everyday practicality marks a significant shift in weight & wellness management— a first in the global health and fitness space.

Ria 2.0 – Your Personal AI Health Coach: The next generation of Ria is a multimodal, multilingual conversational AI coach offering customised health advice that adapts to individual lifestyles and goals. Some of the aspects taken into account include a user’s schedule, meals during the day which it can capture via photos, blood sugar levels, activity levels and dietary preferences. This sets a new standard in proactive, personalised health coaching across nutrition, stress, sleep, and workouts.

‘Snap’, which was launched earlier this year, is a revolutionary feature in nutrition tracking. Users take a photo of their meal, and Snap instantly identifies different types of food and calculates its nutritional content, including calorie count. The next generation announced by Healthify is also now 40% more accurate than earlier, recognises global foods as well (over 1 million) and the feature can work even on a lock screen – by identifying only food photos on device and uploading them for you. This feature exemplifies the seamless integration of technology in everyday health management, making healthy eating decisions straightforward and data driven.

Beating benchmarks: The Company demonstrated how Ria and Snap outperform responses when compared with most other out-of-the-box LLMs on most personal health questions. Both because of the way they have fine-tuned their models and due to extensive data and context Healthify has on each user. Snap specifically outperforms even most humans in recognising foods due to the personal context it has because of meal logging.

Healthy Meal Ordering with Swiggy: Healthify announced partnership with Swiggy, India’s leading food delivery service, bringing convenience to healthy eating. With Ria’s smart dietary recommendations, users can effortlessly order aligned meals through the Healthify app, simplifying sticking to a healthy diet.

Coach Co-Pilot – Enhancing Efficiency in Health Coaching: A recent study by Stanford shows how Healthify’s innovative approach, by combining AI with human coaching leads to a 70% increase in weight-loss effectiveness. Initially launched in 2019, the “Coach Co-Pilot” now equips over 1000+ coaches with generative AI tools to create tailored diet and fitness plans. This system streamlines tasks like converting calls to notes, preparing message responses, and is evolving to include personalised voice and video recommendations. Healthify’s method, merging AI with human expertise, establishes a new benchmark in delivering personalised and effective health guidance.

A Fresh Brand Identity and AI-first App Design:The company also revealed a fresh brand identity, transitioning its name to ‘Healthify’ and paving the way for a new, user-friendly and AI centric app design. This AI-first interface provides an intuitive user experience, making it easier for users to navigate their health and fitness journey and to utilise the AI-driven health insights effectively.

Tushar Vashisht, CEO and Co-founder of Healthify, shared his vision, “At Healthify, we are on a mission to revolutionise global health through the power of AI and human coaching. Today, we take a monumental step forward with the launch of our all-new App, introducing the next-gen Coach Co-pilot and Ria 2.0, the most intuitive AI coach for holistic wellness. Our advancements in AI-powered photo-tracking with Snap and our strategic partnership with India’s top food delivery app, Swiggy, represent significant milestones in making healthy living accessible and actionable. As we streamline our approach and adopt the ‘Healthify’ brand, we stand ready to make a global impact. We are excited to lead the AI-driven revolution in personalised health and fitness.”

All of the new capabilities will be available if anyone purchases the “Healthify Smart” program, starting today. With these latest innovations, Healthify is poised to transform how people approach health and wellness that integrates seamlessly into daily life, offering ease, personalisation, and a holistic approach.

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