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BajajCapital & WebEngage Enter a Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Customer Engagement

by CIOAXIS Bureau

BajajCapital, and WebEngage, a full-stack retention operating system entered into a strategic partnership, in a bid to revolutionise its approach to customer engagement. This collaboration marks BajajCapital’s commitment to prioritising meaningful and positive customer experiences at scale within the BFSI industry. This strategic alliance aims to bring about substantial improvements and innovation in how the company interacts with its customers, emphasising a more customer-centric approach.

In recent years, the BFSI sector has been subject to steep transformations driven by regulatory and technological evolutions. Digitalisation has been instrumental in the rise of online transactions, mobile banking, and much more, giving rise to not just new-age financial institutions, but a new breed of customers – challenging the very framework of traditional institutions. Within this new world order, elevated customer experience becomes imperative.

In adopting WebEngage’s cutting-edge marketing automation solutions, BajajCapital recognises this transformation, and the need for seamless customer experiences, enhanced efficiency and simplicity in its communications across platforms, while also optimising on frequency of messages. Sharing his enthusiasm about this collaboration, Aabhinna Suresh
Khare, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer at BajajCapital, said, “This collaboration with WebEngage underscores BajajCapital’s client-centric approach that aims to aid them with the necessary resilience to navigate today’s intricate business landscape”.

Our Digital Transformation journey, spanning four years, has navigated the evolving digital landscape, adapting and innovating to meet the ever-changing demands of the financial services industry. This transformative period has witnessed Bajaj Capital simplifying the intersection of physical and digital realms, creating a seamless & phygital, experience for its clients. At this juncture, our collaboration marks the next logical step in this journey of further simplifying client experiences; it is not just a convergence of technologies, but a representation of thoughtful integration of insights and experiences aimed at delivering personalised and genuine value to our customers.Khare added further.

In recent years, the BFSI sector has been in the throes of a digital transformation that has resulted in a pivotal shift among legacy institutions to cater to the evolving needs of existing and prospective customers. Under such conditions, understanding the customer’s needs whilst maintaining their trust becomes paramount. With BajajCapital at the cusp of the next phase of its digital transformation journey, we are excited to partner with them as enablers. Our goal is to collaboratively curate and implement compelling data-backed customer engagement strategies, streamline complex processes, and deliver enhanced, personalised campaigns” said Avlesh Singh, Co-founder & CEO, WebEngage.

Propelled by a commitment to innovation and tailored services, BajajCapital and WebEngage are setting the stage for a future where financial engagement will evolve from being transactional to an environment where clients can expect meaningfully personalised engagement that supports the pursuit of their financial goals.

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