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Webaroo Launches Enterprise Messaging App


Webaroo, a leading messaging company, launched last week at MWC in Barcelona, Teamchat, an enterprise-messaging app that enables clutter-free messaging for teams of unlimited size. It is an innovative product with patent-pending smart-forms that summarize responses enabling important message content to stand out. Teamchat is available on all mobile and web platforms and is used by 1000+ orgs worldwide, including some of the largest enterprises in the world. Teamchat was launched at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona.

The key innovation of Teamchat is its patent-pending smart-message technology. A smart message automatically aggregates and summarizes responses and updates itself. For example, one type of a smart-message is a poll – when it is posted in the group, the message updates itself automatically with the aggregate vote count as group members respond. In this case, no matter how many users respond to the poll, it displays just one aggregate message in the conversation thread. Besides poll, other smart-message templates include survey, sales tracker, location tracker, comment, multi-field form, comment, nominate, location etc. The app includes many pre-defined smart-message templates for Sales, HR / Admin, Finance, IT etc as well as custom templates to make your own.

Teamchat transforms communications in orgs leading to improved efficiency and productivity. During its beta-testing phase, Teamchat became popular in orgs with large teams such as banks, insurers, retailers, pharma, telcos etc. It is already being used or piloted by market-leading companies around the world such as HDFC, ICICI, Mandiri, Axa, AIG, Airtel, Thomas Cook, Lemontree, Goldmart etc.

In these companies, sales team managers are using it to generate real-time sales reports from nationwide sales teams. Marketing managers are using it to poll their teams about new product features and competitive information. HR managers are using it to gather employee feedback, deliver instant reward and recognition and attendance management. Service managers are using it to track their field technicians in real-time to improve customer response times. Retail organizations are using it to track store sales and metrics across nationwide retail outlets. In each of these cases, Teamchat enables instant, actionable communication within enterprise organizations.

Teamchat offers high degree of security and control over your users, groups, messages and data. It comes with an admin panel offering advanced capabilities, including APIs to integrate with your existing systems or to embed into your apps.

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