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To Automate Delivery of Secure Mobile Apps, Appdome Releases build-2Secure Jenkins Plugin

by CIOAXIS Bureau

Appdome, the mobile app economy’s one and only Cyber Defense Automation platform, announced that it has released a pre-built CI/CD integration Plugin for Jenkins, the leading open-source automation server. With this new integration, Jenkins users can leverage Appdome’s configuration-as-code ease and build and certify any of Appdome’s security, anti-fraud, anti-malware, anti-cheat and other cyber defenses in Android and iOS apps from inside Jenkins CI/CD pipelines.

Appdome’s cyber defense automation platform streamlines delivery and certifies secure cyber security defenses in iOS and Android apps, including runtime application self-protection (RASP), code obfuscation, mobile data encryption, jailbreak detection, root detection, man-in-the-middle attack prevention, on-device anti-malware, anti-fraud, anti-cheat, mobile anti-bot and other protections. Appdome’s Cyber Defense Automation platform builds protections and returns a unique, auditable, and detailed artifact following each build to guarantee Android & iOS apps have the mobile app defenses required by the mobile brand. The new Build-2Secure Jenkins CI/CD integration is part of Appdome’s Dev2Cyber Agility initiative. It eliminates manual coding and connects Jenkins to Appdome to automate the protection of mobile apps globally.

“Mobile development teams rely on Jenkins to create mobile apps in a continuous, agile and fast-moving environment,” said Karen Hsu, SVP of Mobile & Security Solutions. “As the need for better cyber defense in mobile apps rises, our pre-built plugin with Jenkins CI/CD pipelines will enable brands to realize even faster delivery, zero-day response and quicker remediation for cyber events in iOS and Android apps.”

Today, global consumers demand more protection than ever in their mobile app experiences. As Appdome’s recent survey
Global Consumer Expectations of Mobile App Security revealed, 94% of global consumers said they would promote a brand if the mobile apps protected them against security, fraud and malware risks, and 68% said they’d abandon brands that offered no protection.

“Mobile brands want tighter integration with CI/CD platforms and better DevSecOps integrations for Android and iOS app pipelines,” said Jamie Bertasi, Chief Customer Officer at Appdome. “This new Appdome plugin for Jenkins CI/CD pipelines makes it even easier for mobile brands to meet the growing demand for more protection in mobile app experiences fast.”

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