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New Kaspersky Password Manager focuses on ease of use


Kaspersky Password Manager has implemented several improvements across all platforms and enhanced control over password strength. The Windows version has become more convenient and transparent, with new features to allow customers to monitor the status and security of all passwords. The product’s ability to scan multi-page documents is now available for iOS users. And, the Android version received support for 10 browsers as well as for Huawei devices.

Passwords are the keys to our accounts, personal data and activities in the digital space. They are also the barrier between our personal data and attackers who are trying to steal it. An effective way to protect personal information is to create strong and unique passwords for each account. However, it is extremely difficult to remember all of them, and it is unsafe to write down all the credentials on paper or in notes on a smartphone. All of this is driving the growth of password managers.
Improvements for Windows

To make the Kaspersky Password Manager user experience easier, clearer, and more transparent on Windows, Kaspersky implemented several significant improvements. The product has a new dashboard, filled with easy navigation tabs, real-time password security, and actionable advice. Navigation through the vault was also improved, with “recent” and “favorite” tabs added in order to help users keep their most-needed entries at hand.

Updated navigation through the vault
Managing password security became easier: the app now groups passwords in accordance to their strength with easy-to-use status icons. Also, the new feature, “Password security status bar” will help users to track their password security in real-time. The new option, “Fill in apps” allows users to set up hotkey combinations to get quick access to their Kaspersky Password Manager entries as well as be able to search for the necessary passwords.

Mac updates
Mac users now can use Kaspersky Password Manager on new Macs on Apple M1. The app was also optimized for more devices that use the Apple Silicon CPU. The updated version also got a more polished and user-friendly appearance. Safari users can now copy their card numbers, addresses, and login data directly from the browser extension.

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