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Maryland Selects Gemalto’s Complete Solution


Gemalto is providing Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) with a full issuance and personalization solution to support the implementation of polycarbonate technology. The MVA will leverage Gemalto’s Sealys Secure Document and Coesys Issuance Solution to issue driver’s licenses and identification cards to its citizens.

As part of the solution, Gemalto will be providing a new look and feel to the driver license and identification card incorporating state-of-the-art security features to help protect against identity fraud. The MVA has selected polycarbonate as the material of choice for the documents offering a wide assortment of easy to detect security features that are also difficult to replicate. Gemalto will also provide training for MVA employees to operate the central issuance solution and ongoing maintenance and support following the initial deployment targeted for 2016.

“We are looking forward to improving the security and integrity of Maryland’s driver’s license and identification cards,” said Christine Nizer, Maryland MVA Administrator. “Gemalto’s experience with secure card design and production will bring great benefit to the residents of Maryland as we work to provide a more secure product for all Maryland residents.”

“For Americans, the driver’s license is the default identity document, used not only to demonstrate official permission to operate an automobile, but also in a number of uses where official ID is required, such as domestic travel or opening a bank account,” said Neville Pattinson, Senior Vice President of Government Programs for North America at Gemalto. “States require a solution that is secure, reliable and affordable while also tailored to meet individual state requirements.”

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