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Fortinet and HashiCorp Announce FortiManager Integration with Terraform to Automate and Simplify Cloud Security


Fortinet has announced integration between Fortinet’s FortiManager and HashiCorp Terraform to simplify and automate Day 0 and Day 1 operations for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments leveraging the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Automating Security Across Complex Cloud Environments
Over 90 percent of enterprises employ multi- and hybrid clouds. As a result, cloud and network operational teams can be overwhelmed by managing infrastructure and deployments across the various different cloud environments they use. Organizations are challenged to interconnect applications and data across clouds, data centers and branches, many times at the expense of compromising security and operational efficiency. At the same time, misconfiguration is the number one security risk affecting cloud deployments due in large part to manual processes.

With organizations leveraging hybrid cloud and multi-cloud to move faster and be more agile, they are looking to automate and scale their DevOps lifecycle through the use of InfrastructureasCode (IaC) to provision, configure and teardown needed cloud infrastructure on demand.

Terraform Integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric
Fortinet’s integration with Terraform provides customers with more ways to efficiently deploy, manage and automate security across even the most complex multi-cloud environments. These integrations include:

The latest FortiManager Terraform provider supports FortiOS versions 6.0, 6.2, 6.4 and 7.0. With this provider, DevOps teams can freely and easily deploy and leverage the Fortinet Security Fabric in their Terraform-enabled InfrastructureasCode (IaC) across any cloud deployments.

Organizations can use the latest version of the FortiOS supported by the Terraform provider with a common configuration used across FortiOS 6.0 to 7.0 versions. This significantly reduces operational complexity and speeds deployment of FortiGate VM Next Generation Firewalls. The FortiOSTerraform provider includes 38 categories, 587 resources, 226 data sources, 378 self-check modules and 822 help files. It has registered more than 56,000 installs.

With broad Terraform provider integration, the Fortinet Security Fabric delivers flexibility for organizations to pursue any digital innovation journey they need across clouds, with centralized management and visibility across all environments. Fortinet’s Adaptive Cloud Security offerings enable organizations to freely integrate cloud security from Fortinet in any cloud environment and supports all cloud use cases across cloud network, applications and platform to help customers secure any application on any cloud.

HashiCorp Builds On Existing Integrations Through Open Fabric Ecosystem
HashiCorp is a key Fortinet Fabric-Ready technology alliance partner as part of the rapidly growing Open Fabric Ecosystem. With more than 400 integrations, the Open Fabric Ecosystem extends the breadth of the Security Fabric beyond Fortinet’s own products, achieving a more holistic view of the IT infrastructure, resulting in an overall greater ROI and comprehensive protection across customers’ entire digital attack surface.

With the most recent integration, Fortinet and HashiCorp deliver robust and deep security automation for DevOps-driven multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments leveraging the Fortinet Security Fabric. Fortinet offers the broadest native cloud security with tight integrations on major cloud platforms like Azure, Google Cloud and AWS, further enabling customers to automate, orchestrate and simplify their operations securely between all major public cloud platforms, network edges and data centers with Terraform integration.

Terraform can use code to orchestrate various cloud objects, devices on the cloud, and orchestrate the objects in these devices, which greatly improves the flexibility of deployment, shortens the deployment cycle, and makes large-scale dynamic deployment a reality, of great significance for deploying FortiOS on the cloud. The Fortinet Terraform provider also works with Terraform Enterprise andTerraform Cloud, enabling organizations to effectively collaborate and use it in conjunction with other Terraform providers.

“We are excited about Fortinet’s new integration with Terraform. The new, verified Terraform provider for FortiManager and FortiOS enable operators to provision and manage Fortinet resources to better administer their multi-cloud infrastructure, minimizing cloud waste and improving security,” said Burzin Patel, Vice President Global Alliances at HashiCorp.

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