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FireEye Launches MRTO and Penetration Testing Services


FireEye, Inc. announced the launch of Mandiant Red Team Operations(MRTO), a set of objectives-based assessments that conduct no-holds-barred attacks on organizations to highlight weakness in systems or procedures and to enhance detection and response capabilities. Additionally, Mandiant Penetration Testing was also announced today, offering eight highly customizable penetration test types including penetration tests that assess Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and Mobile Applications and Devices.
Red Team Operations provide two types of assessments that seek to accomplish certain breach-related objectives using FireEye’s nation-state grade intelligence and emulating the tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) of the most advanced threat actors. The two offerings, designed to utilize unique Mandiant methodology that does not harm business operations or data, are: Red Team Assessment and  Red Teaming for Security Operations.

Red Team Assessment is a full-scale attack focused on accomplishing specific goals related to organizations’ most critical assets – obtaining sensitive communications or data, breaking an application, or taking control of automated devices – that tests organizations’ security posture with or without prior knowledge of when.

Whereas Red Teaming for Security Operations directly analyzes security operations by adding dedicated incident responders to existing security teams during a Red Team Assessment – overseeing detection and response processes and providing guidance afterwards. This service add the formal enhancement of organizations’ prevention, detection, and response capabilities.

“As we have seen over the last 12 years, determined threat actors will find a way into networks to carry out intellectual property theft, destroy systems, ransom or steal data, or conduct espionage and ultimately maintain their presence for as long as possible,” said Marshall Heilman, vice president and executive director, incident response and red team operations, FireEye. “Taking an intelligence-led approach, our Red Team Operations test organizations to their limits by staging attacks using the techniques of the most successful threat actors around the world in order to improve detection and response capabilities. We have even built tools to emulate certain attack group C2 protocols if you want to test your detection capabilities against a specific threat actor.”

For organizations looking to put certain technologies and systems under direct testing, Penetration Testing services from Mandiant identify and provide mitigation strategies for complex security vulnerabilities across any software, hardware, or network in an organization. Penetration Testing from Mandiant utilizes the same intelligence-led approach as Red Team Operations, applying knowledge of the most successful threat actors and adversary intelligence to conduct reconnaissance, identify vulnerabilities, exploit them, and carryout an attack.

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