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CyberArk Extends Endpoint Privilege Manager Capabilities to Support Linux Platforms


CyberArk, a leader in Identity Security, has announced new CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager functionality that extends protection to Linux platforms. Now, security and IT professionals can easily enforce least privilege and implement foundational just-in-time security controls across Linux endpoints in any environment.

CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager for Linux is a SaaS solution that provides simple and easy configuration and enforcement of least privilege policy. Linux administrators benefit from capabilities that enable them to quickly build the right policy rules for their users and reduce the manual work typically required to maintain these policies.
Endpoint Privilege Manager for Linux can monitor and automatically detect privileged activity. It then helps administrators decide whether privileged access rights should be approved or blocked, and easily update the policy accordingly. Security teams and Linux administrators gain critical visibility and control over what users can run and execute on Linux systems.

Additional capabilities include:
• Standard sudo command syntax for smooth adoption
• Sudo with password prompt or passwordless
• Configurable policy audit reports for compliance and forensics
• Rest APIs for policy automation and external system integration
• Agent CLI for support and status monitoring
• Upgrade or uninstall agents directly from the SaaS console

Endpoint Privilege Manager administrators can also now define and execute policies via a unified management console interface for protecting the organizations’ endpoints across Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

“Endpoint privilege management solutions provide foundational security controls that are missing across a large number of organizations – opening them up to cybersecurity risk. These controls are especially important as businesses continue to prioritize digital transformation and mature and accelerate cloud adoption,” said Barak Feldman, senior vice president, CyberArk. “Endpoint Privilege Manager for Linux extends flexible, robust and scalable least privilege capabilities of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform over Linux endpoints – workstations and especially servers – while delivering just in time controls and automation that lift the manual burden on Linux administrators.”

CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager for Linux is available now. Existing customers can leverage their existing Endpoint Privilege Manager SaaS tenants and expertise with no additional training or special licensing.

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