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Cisco Unified Communications Products Flaw Let Attackers Escalate Privileges

by CIOAXIS Bureau

A recent discovery has highlighted a privilege escalation vulnerability within Cisco Unified Communications Products. This vulnerability was found during internal security testing.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition (CUCM SME) have been found to contain a privilege escalation vulnerability.

This vulnerability, designated CVE-2023-20266, allows an authenticated attacker with administrative access to elevate their privileges and execute arbitrary code with root-level privileges.

This vulnerability is due to the application’s failure to adequately limit the types of files utilized for upgrades.

A malicious actor could take advantage of this weakness by submitting a specially crafted upgrade file. If successfully exploited, this vulnerability could enable the attacker to gain higher-level privileges, potentially reaching root access.

Cisco Unified Communications Products Flaw
Privilege escalation vulnerabilities are particularly concerning as they grant unauthorized users elevated privileges, essentially granting them control over the affected system.

In this case, an attacker who successfully exploits this vulnerability could gain full control over the Cisco Unified Communications Products, potentially leading to unauthorized access, data breaches, and disruption of critical communication services.

Cisco has promptly addressed this vulnerability and has released a security advisory outlining the details of the issue, its potential impact, and the steps to mitigate the risk.

The advisory provides information about affected products, software versions, and guidance on updating to patched versions that eliminate the vulnerability.

This vulnerability affected the following Cisco products:

* Emergency Responder
* Unified CM
* Unified CM SME
* Unity Connection

The advisory also provides the Cisco products that are Confirmed Not Vulnerable.

Mitigation Measures:
As outlined in the advisory, Cisco recommends that affected users apply software updates or workarounds.

This includes upgrading to versions that have been patched to address the vulnerability. In cases where an immediate upgrade is not feasible, customers are advised to contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Cisco confirmed that there are no workarounds that address this vulnerability.

– Cyber Security News

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