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Citrix Improves the Economics of Managing Mobile Traffic


New NetScaler Platform with Optimization Technology Offers Extreme Performance and Scalability for Service Providers and Delivers Improved Subscriber Experience

The nature of the mobile network has changed significantly with the rapid growth of mobile traffic, specifically the rise of encrypted mobile video and content, and the build-out of LTE and LTE-advanced networks. This shift has been highly disruptive for service providers struggling to achieve the best total cost of ownership (TCO) from the strategic platforms within their infrastructure. Service providers need platforms that readily adapt to dynamic traffic trends and, help them deliver highly efficient and profitable services that can maximize the yield of their LTE networks. Service providers require leading-edge technology focused on improving the subscriber experience, which today largely means the availability of higher quality media content with less video stalling. The mobile video experience is fast becoming a key enabler to attracting and retaining mobile subscribers.

Today, Citrix announced the availability of the new NetScaler T1000 series which integrates proven ByteMobile optimization technology with the highly scalable, higher performance NetScaler platform architecture. This innovative Citrix solution vastly improves the economics of mobile traffic handling. The NetScaler T1000 offers service providers the industry’s leading price-performance platform that combines optimization technology for enhanced mobile subscriber experience with ADC technology for improved network efficiency. The software-first foundation that powers the Citrix Networking portfolio helps customers protect and future-proof their technology investments as the NetScaler platform can be easily updated to address new technologies and industry trends for the secure delivery of applications and data.

The Evolution of Traffic

To ensure future success, service providers need a platform that can easily scale out to meet the continued explosive rapid growth of mobile traffic – specifically the rise of encrypted mobile video and content. According to the 2016 Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast, mobile video will grow at a CAGR of 62 percent between 2015 and 2020 with three-fourths (75 percent) of the world’s mobile data traffic consisting of video traffic by 2020.

Service providers need a solution that directly addresses the evolution of this traffic. Mobile video presently places the most stress on the mobile network yet its delivery serves as a key differentiator within the highly competitive mobile service provider marketplace. The optimization of this traffic becomes even more essential to meet the demands to improve network efficiency and enhance user experience – providing higher quality videos with less stalling to ultimately enhance subscriber quality of experience (QoE).

Service providers are also seeking a platform that can dynamically and efficiently steer traffic through the most efficient service paths, directly determined by the subscribers’ needs. This helps reduce latency, improve speed and preserve functionality. Perhaps most importantly however, this can greatly reduce the costs to the service provider in delivering new services. The NetScaler T1000 platform combines subscriber-aware steering, load balancing, CGNAT and unique traffic identification and optimization technology – all in one single platform.

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