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Rackspace Technology migrates Grupo Milenio from virtual environment to AWS Cloud Architecture


Rackspace Technology has announced it worked with Grupo Milenio to migrate from a virtual environment to a more reliable AWS Cloud architecture to provide the best, most up-to-date digital content for breaking news and high traffic. The digital transformation resulted in increased uptime for Grupo Milenio to ensure dependable delivery of breaking news in Mexico.

Grupo Milenio is the most comprehensive news conglomerate in Mexico, offering timely information on its multiplatform, 24 hours a day. The news conglomerate includes the newspaper Milenio Diario, which offers a national edition and eight regional editions; Milenio Television, a national TV channel that broadcasts 24/7; the news portal milenio.com; and the Milenio Radio network.

Grupo Milenio needed to migrate from its virtual environment to the cloud to ensure it could support the delivery of digital content to all its regions across Mexico during periods of breaking news and high traffic on its website. Also, the organization needed to ensure that its internal users have a fast and dependable multimedia platform on which to publish content, especially during breaking-news events.

“One of our challenges has been achieving our aggressive digital goals without increasing OPEX or the cost of services while producing the same level of service, building more applications, launching more deployments, having more systems developed for information and having more infrastructure available with less personnel — all at a much lower cost month by month and year by year,” said Enrique Calderón, Technology Director of Grupo Milenio in its multimedia division. “Support from Rackspace Technology is making my job easier due to the implementation of a self-scaling AWS solution and several data centers for Grupo Milenio.”

In addition to the infrastructure, Rackspace Technology also provides support for AWS to help the organization quickly resolve any issues before disruption to news broadcasts occur.

“To achieve all its business goals, Grupo Milenio needed a reliable partner who could ensure dependable cloud data center performance,” said Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Evangelist at Rackspace Technology. “That’s why it chose Rackspace Technology. During its cloud transformation, Rackspace Technology provided Grupo Milenio with support for architecture design, build-out, implementation and service configuration that now allows them to be ready to scale at a moment’s notice.”

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