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Fujitsu RunMyProcess To Help IoT Startups Grow Faster


Fujitsu RunMyProcess demonstrates how it is helping startups like HOP Ubiquitous (HOPU) to turn their concepts into a digital business, quickly and with low Total Cost of Ownership. Providing a cloud platform for the rapid implementation and testing of innovations, both for Fujitsu and for its customers around the world, it is a key enabler to the company’s vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society. Fujitsu RunMyProcess delivers the capabilities required to build connected digital systems spanning cloud, on-premise and mobile environments.

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings huge growth potential to the global economy. Important new standards are enabling things to communicate more effectively with each other. Headquartered in Murcia in Spain, HOPU is a startup specializing in wearable and sensor-based technologies. Through its important contributions to and support for flagship standards – such as OMA, IPv6 and CoAP – it is a leading player in the definition of management, inter-operability and security standards for the emerging IoT and its wider connection to other web- and cloud-based services. Using this expertise, HOPU is working to accelerate the emergence of new cross industry value models such as the emerging industrial Internet also called Industry 4.0.

In a hyperconnected world – using tiny and wireless smart objects from HOPU connected by the Fujitsu RunMyProcess platform to each other and the cloud – the cyclist’s experience would be different. The motion sensor in his wearable device detects the impact. It provides his location and sends his changing heart rate to a Human Centric ICT system, which raises the alarm. Before a passer-by can telephone for help, the control center is already aware of the emergency and has dispatched an ambulance. The paramedics arrive and stabilize the cyclist. The system recognizes traffic is gridlocked around the nearest hospital and that the next nearest has a shortage of medical staff. The third hospital however is free from traffic and with staff available immediately. The system plots the best route through the traffic, estimating the cyclist will get access to emergency much faster, saving critical time and perhaps saving his life.

The Fujitsu RunMyProcess cloud platform removes the barriers to delivering such innovative new approaches. Firstly, seamless mobility via device- and location-independent business applications unifies the digital experience. This is especially important in scenarios where data is drawn from a large number of different component parts across the supply chain. In the scenario described there are four major components – emergency services, traffic operations, ambulance and hospital.

Secondly, end-to-end digitization and integration via APIs and 2,500+ connections across the digital supply chain allow new components to be added sequentially. Furthermore, faster outcomes and increased reliability via the agile, model-based business platform delivers digitization at speed. Accelerated innovation via collaborative business tools enables startups to embed a digital culture as a basis for future innovations and success.

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