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Avaamo Targets India’s Massive ‘mobile-first’ Workforce


Avaamo, a secure mobile messaging app designed specifically for the mobile workforce, recently announced its launch in India with exciting features in mobile communication for the growing ‘mobile-first’ market in the country. Avaamo combines a delightful user experience with security, data protection and administration features required by enterprises. Created with the intent to ease business communication for the mobile worker, who is taking decisions in real time, Avaamo is addressing daily work communication across several industries including BFSI, Travel, Aviation, Construction, Medical Services and Retail. Currently, over 3000 business entities in India are using the free Avaamo messaging app.

“Messaging has become the killer app for the mobile business user” said Ram Menon, Founder and CEO of Avaamo. “Voice is rapidly becoming a secondary mode of communication. India’s evolving mobile first workforce from CEOs to the salesmen out in the markets, need a secure private communications platform that is instant and delivers on company requirements of security, governance and administration. Avaamo’s mission is to deliver a messaging platform that improves the productivity of today’s mobile workforce and at the same time addresses unique needs of Indian enterprises and Indian Mobile market conditions.”

In Avaamo app all messages are delivered with a sub-second latency anywhere in the world.
All messages are encrypted. The ‘off the record’ mode offers an additional layer of security by combining enterprise class encryption with the option to make messages ephemeral and disappear after a defined time period. Business communication often happens with customers/suppliers/partners; all outside of a company eco system. Avaamo is the 1st business messaging application that lets you have secure two way messaging inside and outside your company.

For enterprise admins, an admin console offers granular control on users, data, security and access. User feedback and insights into work communication have given Avaamo the opportunity to also announce enhancements to the app. In India, the mobile connectivity can move from 3G to no Service within a span of 100 feet inside a single business building. Avaamo estimates that over 20% of messages are never sent due to intermittent bandwidth. Auto Send now enables a user to “fire and forget. If there is no connection, Avaamo intelligently waits and when the connection is established, the app ensures the message is sent.

Avaamo introduces reliable voice messaging; an easy way to send a quick voice message which can be broadcast to users or a group to avoid any difficulty in extended typing. The voice message proves to be a reliable substitute for communication when one is unable to contact a person, on a voice call

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